An Everyday Guide to Computer Safety

Posted on 05/20/2018 by Jonathan O'Brien

The internet offers many ways to connect with friends, research places to visit, and find out the latest news. Aside from the millions of websites and things to do, the internet can become a pitfall for common users looking to occupy their time. Not only can it be a total waste of time, it can lead its users to the wrong areas where predators or criminals lurk. The dangers of the internet have grown since its inception, placing children and adults at a great risk. This means that parents and teachers need to educate children about ways to recognize and prevent themselves from becoming a target of criminal activity. It also means that you need to remain vigilant of common ploys found on the Internet, such as fraud, social media scams, spam, phishing, cyberbullying, and sexual predators.

For more information on some of the latest online crimes that are circulating, please review the following information. Please feel free to share the information with your family, friends and others that can benefit from the information:


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