Beyond Nine Cat Rescue, Inc. – Certstaffix Training’s Charitable Partners

Posted on 08/16/2020 by Niko Venev


In its efforts of helping local communities, Certstaffix Training has partnered with different organizations that make a difference. For our first “Certstaffix Training’s Charitable Partners” blog post, we would like to introduce you to Beyond Nine Cat Rescue, Inc.

Beyond Nine Cat Rescue, Inc is a 501(c)(3), all volunteer, a non-profit organization comprised of individuals dedicated to giving all cats the opportunity to live safe, healthy and happy lives. They believe it is essential to educate the public about the humane treatment of all animals and the importance of sterilizing their pets is a priority for our organization. They do not accept euthanasia as a solution to treatable medical conditions or as a means of population control for animals. The Founder and President of Certstaffix Training, Jonathan O’Brien, has been volunteering at Beyond Nine Cat Rescue since 2015.

Here is a short interview with the Founder and Director of Beyond Nine Cat Rescue, Inc. – Sharon T. Fornes

What is the mission/goal of your organization?

Our mission is to save homeless cats from abuse, abandonment, and euthanasia and to give all cats the opportunity to live safe, healthy and happy lives.

Our goal is to see that no cat goes without food, shelter, and medical care, that every cat is spayed or neutered, and that as many cats as possible find loving, forever homes – no matter how long it takes.

What audience or population does your organization service or benefit?

Individual residents and businesses alike – anyone who has a stray cat problem – can benefit from our services.

What is the history of your organization? How did it start?

In January 2007 Beyond Nine Cat Rescue was formed by Sharon Fornes, Debbie McDonald and Nicole DeGrace with a lofty mission – to save homeless cats from abuse, abandonment, and euthanasia. Each of us, independently, had experience in cat rescue and care so it was only natural that we should come together to strengthen our abilities and have a more significant impact on the problem.

What is a recent project or work that you are excited about?

We are in the process of installing pavers in the outdoor area of our shelter.  It will cut down on the dirt and mud that gets tracked in, it will look terrific, and it gives the cats a place to rest in the heat of the day.

How can people help your organization the most? What is your biggest need currently?

Our greatest need is for volunteers.  We especially need people who can clean and people who can foster cats and kittens.

What is your organization’s website or the best way to contact?

Our website is


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