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Posted on 05/17/2018 by Jonathan O'Brien

Learning Microsoft Excel can be perfect for organizing business data as well as keeping track of different types of records. This computer program can be a powerful tool, but it can also be daunting for beginners to pick up. However, with the use of a few helpful resources, anyone can begin getting the most out of this common business tool.


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Microsoft Excel Tutorial

Tutorial: This guide provides basic training for people who are starting from scratch with Excel.

Opening Workbooks

Tutorial: Excel’s major function is to organize data by using a workbook system. If you’re using multiple workbooks at the same time, learning how to open many of them without losing your data is essential. This article gives you the basics of what you need to know.

Do’s and Dont’s of Entering Data in Excel

Tutorial: Entering data into Excel can be a bit more complicated than it may seem. Read this article to learn how to enter data the right way.

Working Properly With Columns

Tutorial: Using columns, you can easily adjust different data in your workbook.

Formatting Spreadsheets to Print Properly

Tutorial: There are many reasons you may want to print your spreadsheets, but this format doesn’t automatically lend itself to easy printing.

Learning Basic Data Functions

Tutorial: One of the best features of Excel is the ability to calculate data without having to enter all of your numbers into a calculator. Here is a breakdown of how to enter data to take advantage of these functions, including images and examples for reference.

Copying an Excel Formula

Tutorial: Excel automatically adjusts your cell references when you’re copying specific formulas from one location to the other. However, if this is something you didn’t want, then it’s easily preventable with this simple technique.

16 Powerful Excel Functions to Learn

Tutorial: Beyond formulas and basic data entry, Excel has multiple functions you can use to make life much easier when collecting and interpreting data. This article provides 16 different functions that can assist you in performing some of the most tedious tasks on the computer.

Cell Selection and Deselection

Tutorial: Selecting specific cells can be tedious if you don’t know how to do so in an efficient manner. At different points, you may want to select multiple cells that aren’t aligned on the spreadsheet. Reading this article will help you avoid the difficulties you may encounter when selecting and deselecting cells.

Using Custom Views in Excel

Tutorial: Read here to find out about how to use custom views and switch between whichever ones you choose.

How to Use Workspaces

Tutorial: Saving your spreadsheets as a workspace is a great way to organize all of your data and ensure a stress-free experience. Learn how to arrange your workspaces to your liking and stay organized with this article.

Creating, Deleting, and Renaming Worksheets

Tutorial: If you need to delete or rename worksheets in Excel, there are shortcuts you can use to do so quickly and simply. This article gives a detailed overview of how to create, delete, and rename your worksheets.

Working With Multiple Worksheets and Workbooks

Tutorial: This is a PDF that goes into great detail on how to work with multiple files at a time; it’s a long read that gives an in-depth explanation of how to keep everything orderly.

How to Make Bulleted Lists (video)

Tutorial: Making bulleted lists in Excel workbooks isn’t always intuitive, but watching this video should help clear things up a bit.

Using AutoFilter

Tutorial: When creating your lists, keeping them organized and detailed can save a lot of time. Using AutoFilter organizes specifics in each category on your list so you can cross-reference as needed.

Calculating Grand Totals in Excel

Tutorial: Excel has a function that allows you to calculate a subtotal of your numbers. This article gives insight on how to calculate grand totals the smart way.

Excel Formulas

Tutorial: Formulas are powerful tools for getting things done more quickly and easily in Excel, and this document provides a list of some of the most common ones you can use and how they work.

Create, Edit, and Delete Data

Tutorial: In this article, you’ll learn how to create, modify, and delete data using Excel.

Securing Your Data in Excel

Tutorial: If your work is private and valuable, you’re going to want to know how to secure it and grant permission to whoever may need to access the data. Read about how to create a password and ensure the safety of your information here.

How to Share Workbooks

Tutorial: This article simplifies how to share your workbooks in Excel. Overall, learning how to share your workbooks is fairly easy.

Adding a Digital Signature to Excel

Tutorial: Authenticating your documents in Excel can be done by adding a digital signature. Here is an explanation of the right way to add your signature in order to ensure the authenticity of your data.

Protecting Data in a Worksheet

Tutorial: Adding protection to your data can prevent unauthorized users from manipulating it without your permission. This article explains how to protect your data by setting up a password.

Documenting Your Work With Comments

Tutorial: Learning how to use comments in your work can


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