Salesforce Certified Administrator Certification

If you are looking to achieve Salesforce Certified Administrator certification, Certstaffix® Training has salesforce certified administrator courses that will prepare you to take the exam. Our salesforce certified administrator training courses prepare you to obtain Salesforce Certified Administrator certification.


Step 1 - Attend Training

These Certstaffix Training classes prepare students for the corresponding certification exam:


Please Note: We do not administer exams or provide testing vouchers.


Step 2 - Take Exam

Vendor/Organization:  Salesforce
Certification Name:  Salesforce Certified Administrator
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The Salesforce Certified Administrator credential is designed for those who have experience as a Salesforce Administrator. Candidates should possess broad knowledge of Salesforce applications, regularly configure and manage Salesforce, and continuously look for ways their companies can get even more from additional features and capabilities.

Whatever your role, earning credentials from Salesforce shows that you have the ability to help transform companies by applying your knowledge to solve real-world challenges. The result? Salesforce-certified professionals aren't just in demand - they're increasingly indispensable.

Certification exams can be taken in person at any testing center in Salesforce global network or remotely on your own computer, with proctoring via webcam. Simply schedule your exam and choose a testing option!

If you are looking to become a Salesforce certified Admin, Certstaffix Training provides a comprehensive Salesforce Administrator course that will equip you with all the necessary skills and knowledge. Our Salesforce Administrator training program prepares you to obtain the Salesforce Administration certification.

The first step is attending one of our Salesforce Administrator classes. Our Certstaffix Training sessions are designed to prepare students for the corresponding Salesforce Administrator certification course. Our Administrator (Lightning) course runs for 5 days, offering valuable preparation for Exam ADX201 and covers the exam objectives with clear, concise explanation.

After successfully completing our Salesforce Administrator bootcamp, step two involves taking the exam. Please note that Certstaffix Training does not administer exams or provide testing vouchers. You need to contact the third party exam provider, Webassessor, to pay for and schedule your Salesforce Administrator certification exam.

Aspiring Salesforce Certified Administrators should possess broad knowledge of Salesforce applications, regularly configure and manage Salesforce, and continuously seek ways their companies can leverage additional features for maximum benefits.

Earning credentials from Salesforce, especially those gained through our Salesforce Administrator courses, demonstrates your ability to apply knowledge to solve real-world challenges, making you indispensable within your company.

Certification exams can be taken in any Salesforce global network testing center or remotely on your computer with proctoring via a webcam. Schedule your exam today and choose the testing option that suits you best!


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