Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Your Classes Instructor-led?

We offer both instructor-led online and eLearning classes. All of our public instructor-led classes are taught by a live remote instructor. Our eLearning classes are self paced and are available for 6 months after you are enrolled. You will be taught by a real, live instructor, remotely. 

Our public instructor-led classes are real interactive classes and not just a pre-recorded video. Students that enroll for our courses can take them from their home or office. Our classes include an audio and visual connection (via Zoom) so students can talk with the instructor during class as well as see their screen. The instructor can also view the student’s screen if they need assistance. During most classes, students will be given exercises to further help the student’s understanding of the coursework. Most of our courses also include a book that is shipped to the students prior to class.

How do I register Myself or Others for a class?

Please visit the "How To Register" page by clicking HERE to get a detailed, step by step, instructions on how to register.

Will I get certified upon completion of my class?

You will receive a certificate of completion at the end of your course but it is not an official certification for the software. Our courses are designed to teach the programs and prepare the students to take the appropriate certifications exams. However, we do not provide certification or deliver the certification exams. Students are responsible for arranging and paying for the certification exams on their own from a third party.

Why are your instructor-led courses only 1-5 days long? That seems too short compared to a college course.

We are confident that we can teach our courses in the amount of class time we provide. Our experienced instructors determine how long they need to teach the entire course outline. The main difference between our classes and those offered by a college/university is that all of our class days are 7 hours long, whereas a typical class day at a college is only one hour and meets maybe twice a week. So, a 5 day class that we offer is actually 35 hours long. That 35 hours is normally stretched over the length of a semester when taken at a college/university.

How much do your classes cost?

The prices for our classes vary depending on the type of course, the length of the class and whether the class is a public class or a private onsite class. All of our prices can be viewed in our Course Catalog.

What are the times for Public Instructor-led classes? Are there breaks?

All of our public live online classes (instructor-led) are held from 10 am to 5 pm Eastern Time (half day classes 10 am to 2 pm Eastern Time). This works out to:

10:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Time Zone
9:00 am - 4:00 pm Central Time Zone
8:00 am - 3:00 pm Mountain Time Zone
7:00 am - 2:00 pm Pacific Time Zone

Our courses are 1 to 5 days long, all public classes are scheduled between Monday and Friday. We do not currently offer weekend public classes.

Our public live online classes include a lunch break and two short breaks in between. The exact times of each will be coordinated by your instructor each day of your class.

Our private onsite classes are scheduled to your custom needs regarding start, end and break times.

Can you provide one on one private training?

We can provide private onsite one on one training but we would still need to charge the minimum onsite price for each course which may be cost prohibitive for individuals.

What type of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express. We accept personal checks and company checks. We also accept direct deposits via bank transfer (EFT/ACH).

Which course should I take?

The best way for you decide which course is right for you is to look at the course description and outline provided on each individual course page on our website. If you still have questions about which course is appropriate for what you want to learn we can answer your questions and point you in the right direction. We have a live chat feature on our website. You can also call our main line to ask a question (888-330-6890) or you can click the “Ask a Question” button located below the course title on each course page.

Do I need to have the software installed on my computer in order to take a public class?

No. For public instructor-led classes we provide access to any needed software and lab environments during your class. All you need is a high speed internet connection and computer with microphone and speakers for voice over IP audio. For eLearning classes, we provide a software environment for desktop software courses only.

Do you offer job placement after I’ve completed my training?

We do not offer any type of job placement or career services. Our focus is strictly on technical and business training. Though we do offer training to those who are taking our courses in order to obtain skills needed to find a new job, most of our customers are people who come to us through their employer to learn software and other business skills for their current position.

Can I attend your public classes from home/office with a Mac computer?

Yes, however your lab environment will be PC based. We do not offer Mac version classes for any software.

How Do I Connect to My Class?

All classes start at 10 am Eastern Time. Here is how to connect to your class.

Do you offering consulting?

No, we only offering live instructor-led training services, either in our public classes or private onsite classes.

Do you place your students/work with recruiters?

No, we primarily train the employees of organizations that send their employees to us. Therefore students already have a job and it is not appropriate to refer them to a recruiter or hiring company.

What are your cancellation and refund policies?

Our public (instructor-led and eLearning) class policies conditions can be viewed here. Our Onsite/Private class policies and conditions can be viewed here.

How do I test my connection before my public instructor-led class?

We recommend that you test your internet connection from the location and computer that you will be attending your public instructor-led class from. These are the two tests you should run to ensure that you have the proper connection speed and required open ports on your router/firewall to attend class: Lab/Virtual Computer - and Presentation/Lecture -

How do I start my public class?

If you are registered for a public instructor-led or eLearning class, here is how you start/attend your class: How to Start Your Training

Is Certstaffix Accredited?

Certstaffix is not a degree or credit granting institution, so accreditation is not applicable to us. We are a corporate training company that mainly trains the employees of companies and organizations. Our instructor-led courses are short - 1 to 5 days in length - structured to help attendees gain specific skills on the subjects they cover.

Do You Accept Veterans Affairs (VA) G.I. Bill?

Certstaffix does not participate in the G.I. Bill program from U.S. Veterans Affairs. We do offer discounts for veterans on single classes (contact us) or you may purchase combination discounted courses as listed in our website catalog.

Do You Offer In-Person Training?

We offer training in-person, face-to-face for corporate groups only. Details may be found on our group training page. Individuals may attend our public live online classes or purchase self-paced eLearning.

I'm Trying to Register and Getting This Error: "Duplicate Email already exists. Please use another"

This error message means you or someone else has already registered for a class in the past. You have an account created for you whether you registered yourself or someone else has. You can either login or reset your password here to proceed -, or you will need to use another email address to finish class registration. Full class registration instructions may be found here.

Do You Get Any Credits, Like CEU's or CPE Hours, After Completing Your Classes?

Certstaffix courses are non-credit and designed to upskill employees and individuals with targeted, short classes. We do not issue CEU's or CPE credits. You receive a certificate of completion after completing all instructor-led and self-paced eLearning classes.

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