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Certstaffix Training Reviews


Certstaffix® Training provides instructor-led computer & business classes in public and onsite private courses. We also provide self-paced eLearning that you complete on your own schedule. Both the price and quality of a computer & business skills training provider should be considered when purchasing training.

Certstaffix® Training collects detailed class reviews via a formal post-class evaluation in all our instructor-led training sessions. Click on a course category tab below to view some reviews for each. If you would like more reviews or ones with even further detail, please contact us us and we would be happy to show you the high quality of our training services.

Adobe & Design

Adobe Premiere Pro CC

"Mic was excellent. She demonstrated technical expertise with interpersonal skills. She was forced to navigate through some of Adobe's mistakes in the curriculum, which she handled with ease and humor." - Abbi N.

Adobe InDesign CC

"Our instructor was really kind, open to students asking questions and SUPER knowledgeable. She was my instructor for my Illustrator course as well and I hope to have her as my instructor for future courses. Really a wonderful experience for both classes. Thank you Abby!" - Shayna R.

Adobe Photoshop CC

"This Photoshop course was so incredibly helpful for me! I really appreciated how Melissa took the time to answer each and everyone's questions fully and made sure we were all caught up before moving on. The layout and structure of this course was very easy to follow and learn with. The platform that this course was taught on made learning much easier than I expected. I will definitely recommend taking a course through this company!" - Josie V.

Adobe Illustrator CC

"The instructor Mellissa was great. I would definitely take another course of her again. She did an awesome job." - Cathy M.

Adobe Acrobat DC

"Melissa P. was a great instructor. She made sure everyone was on the same page and answered questions as they came. Her personality made for a welcoming learning environment and shared some of her personal scenarios throughout the tutorials." - Stacey C.

Data & Analytics

SQL Querying - Advanced

"Serge was fantastic! He presented the material clearly and made the whole learning experience fun. I picked up quite a few new things that will help me with my work in the future. " - Gaven E.

SQL Querying - Basic

"This was the best course that I have taken online. Very organized and professionally managed." - Lisa B.

Oracle SQL & PL/SQL

"The instructor was incredibly knowledgeable; one of the best I have ever witnessed. I am eager to apply all that I have seen and learned." - Michael M.

Tableau Desktop Advanced

"Instructor was extremely skills in both Tableau and the business environment which made the course extremely beneficial." - Mike G.

SAS Programming Essentials

"TWO thumbs up for this course! I would recommend it to anyone new to using SAS. The frequent quizzes and lab exercises make the course engaging and help to retain the information covered in each section." - Karen D.


ASP.NET Web API Essentials Using C# (Visual Studio)

"I never used remote training before, and was pleasantly surprised that it worked really well." - Dmitry T.

C# Programming in Visual Studio

"Instructor was clear and organized in his presentation. Very good course, glad the labs were made available for download. I will revisit them for additional practice." - Erik L.

ASP.NET Core MVC6 (Visual Studio)

"Leslie was a great teacher , very nice exp . Had two days where i learned a lot , would be looking forward to more classes." - Paul S.

Advanced Python Programming

"Carefully crafted course. Covers relevant material. Deep but not too deep. Has meaningful exercises. The instructor is more of a coach who helps you go through the material. All and all very good impression. Will probably come back for more!" - Mikhail I.

JavaScript Programming

"The instructor was very knowledgeable and took her time in each section. She spoke slow and precise. Enough to where the students have time to process the information. The only improvement I would suggest, although it's not needed for everyone, is to add additional time working in the exercises to where the student can (at least once or twice) type out each function/topic in each section (maybe even visiting previously learned concepts). Although viewing examples worked just fine (since we progressed at a steady, slow pace) I believe the repetitive practice would instill these concepts." - Kayla R.

Business Skills/Process

Project Management Fundamentals

"Dave did a good job. It was easy to follow and explained things in simple terms. I think the basic tools explained in this class will help me organize future projects." - Denise S.

Project Management Essentials

"1. Instructor was very knowledgeable. She had a clear voice and made the topics easy to understand. 2. Instruction manual is a good source of information. 3. Suggest including more short practice exercises between chapters. 4. Overall, course was well put together and will benefit my professional development." - Travers S.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt

"Recommending to all of my colleagues, we would be better teammates and perform more effectively if we all had this training and thought like this." - Genevieve A.

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

"I was impressed with the class, the teacher was willing to look at work I have started prior to the class. I was thankful that she helped me!" - Jennifer I.

Introduction to Lean Six Sigma

"The teacher was extremely knowledgeable and her enthusiasm for Lean Six Sigma was present throughout the course. She used real life/practical examples while teaching which really brought the Lean Six Sigma tools into a new light. I look forward to enrolling in additional classes with Cerstaffix thanks to this experience." - Wendy L.

IT Professionals

Linux Essentials

"Class was well structured and plenty of time for oneonone training when needed. Alan was very professional andclear in his teachings." - Donald C.

CompTIA Network+

"Serge was a good instructor. He modified his teaching to answer our questions and made sure we were confident before moving forward." - John C.

CompTIA A+

"Mic is wonderful;Her tricks she taught will be used for my life time and maybe passed onto others.Industry needs more instructors like Mic. Very helpful!!!" - Charles F.

Oracle SQL & PL/SQL

"Mr. Richard has an excellent teaching style. Normally I do not like virtual but he made it easy for me to learn and keep up. and was willing to take the time to make sure we all understood. The examples were a great help." - Tammy P.

Salesforce.com: Administrator

"The instructor was excellent willing to start early or stay late to make sure everyone understood the concepts and was able to complete all assignments." - Kelly W.

Microsoft Office/End User

Excel - Level 2

"Bill was a great instructor - very willing to offer additional help to those who needed it." - Kim M.

Excel - Level 1

"Kay was very informative and courteous to all of us in the class. I took part in my home office and was very pleased! I will highly recommend her and the course to others." - Chelsea Q.

Access - Level 1

"I learned a lot in this course and I really appreciated Ali's teaching style. He is very knowledgeable and presented the material in a way that I could understand. I also appreciated his kindness and humor." - Holley H.

Word - Level 1

"Instructor was extremely engaging and very consistent in instruction format. Ali did not assume any level of prior knowledge of the software, so was very thorough on explaining all aspects of the instructions which made following along exceedingly easy." - Jane T.

PowerPoint - Level 2

"This instructor was great! He seemed to really care whether we took anything away from what he was saying, and he was very personable." - Miranda H.

Online Marketing

Google Ads

"I was very satisfied with the course. The instructor was very helpful and thorough. I feel she went over and beyond in making sure we understood and show us how and where to do things." - Halley P.

Google Analytics

"The instructor was great at teaching and not progressing to quickly. Took time to explain details without missing important steps in the process. At times, "tabled" questions till it was appropriate to answer those questions. Definite asset to your team." - Susan T.

WordPress for End Users

"Our instructor worked well with the issues that came up. She handled them calmly and patiently. She was an excellent teacher and made sure we all understood the content." - Amy K.

Social Media for Business

"Very pleased with the professionalism before and throughout the course." - Lacey D.

Facebook Advertising

"My instructor was very clear and knowledgeable on the coursework. He also set ver clear goals and was able to adapt the lessons to our individual industries very effectively." - Joe H.

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