Public Class Policies and Conditions

When you enroll into our public classes, on the registration form, you have acknowledged and agreed to our public class policies and conditions. This includes cancellation/reschedule/no show policies that are time sensitive.

Public Instructor-led Classes

I understand:

  • Certstaffix® Training classes are live, hands-on training with your instructor teaching from a remote location. If not familiar with this format see our Remote Instructor-led page.
  • Certstaffix® Training is primarily a Business-to-Business training provider. In certain locations, we cannot accept enrollments from students who's tuition fees are being paid by themselves, not their employer. Read full details here
  • Payment: If paying by check - Payment is due 15 days from this registration request. To request alternative payment terms, you must call 888-330-6890. If you have submitted a late registration, less than 15 days before your class start date, we require immediate payment. If we have not received your payment by the due date, we may reschedule/cancel your enrollment. We will inform you prior to making any changes to your registration.
  • I can cancel my registration without penalty or charge provided I give Certstaffix® Training notice of 18 days or more before the first day of my class. Less than 18 days notice before class start date will be due no refund. I have one (1) opportunity to use Certstaffix Training Make-Up policy to have those funds applied to a later class date.
  • If I request to reschedule my registration less than 18 days before the first day of my class, I will be charged 100% the course fee and am not entitled to a refund. I have one (1) opportunity to use Certstaffix Training Make-Up policy to have those funds applied to a later class date.
  • If I no show to my class, I will be charged 100% the course fee and am not entitled to a refund. I have one (1) opportunity to use Certstaffix® Training Make-Up policy to have those funds applied to a later class date. If attending in a computer lab: an additional seat fee of $100 per day will be charged to attend my makeup session.
  • Any Refunds will be made only to the original form of payment and payee on a class registration.
  • I cannot change my class location 15 days or less before the first day of class because Certstaffix® Training has shipped training materials and provisioned resources. Location changes requested prior to that timeframe are subject to availability and may incur an additional charge.
  • If I enroll less than 15 days before class start and the class has a book, an eBook will be provided while the print books ships. This is to ensure you have courseware in time for the class start.
  • Should Certstaffix® Training need to cancel my class due to insufficient enrollment, or postpone it due to events beyond their control, Certstaffix® Training will notify registered students as soon as possible. In such cases, the student may reschedule to a future class date at no additional charge or receive a refund for any money on account relating to that registration.
  • Travel arrangements and costs are the sole responsibility of the student. Certstaffix® Training suggests obtaining refundable reservations. Certstaffix® Training classes are confirmed approximately 18 days before the start of the class. We cannot guarantee class commitments before that window of time. Certstaffix® Training will not be responsible for any cancellation costs incurred, including but not limited to, airline/mass transit tickets, hotel reservations and so on.


Self-Paced eLearning Classes

I understand:

  • I am purchasing Self-Paced eLearning.
  • Login information is emailed promptly, usually same day:
    • We will issue eLearning within 2 business days or less
    • Each student will receive login instructions by email
  • Access to eLearning is for 6 months from issuance date.

For Residents of New Hampshire:

If you are a resident of New Hampshire, state education law takes precedent over our default refund policies above.

For residents of New Hampshire, our refund policies are:

1. All refunds shall be paid within 30 days upon written notification from a student of cancellation or withdrawal; and
2. Students receiving benefits from federal programs shall be subject to federal refund policies, rules and regulation.


Certstaffix Training holds pride in the thorough selection process we put our instructors through. We believe it is the most important thing we can do to ensure a quality training experience to make attendees in our classes leave both happy and more knowledgeable than before taking a class with us.

If in the rare event you are not happy with your training experience with Certstaffix Training, you should contact Michelle Burns, Operations Manager, at 888-330-6890 ext 703 or Our process of analyzing complaints is as follows:

1. We pull all available class evaluations for the class session(s) you attended and compare all the student feedback
2. We share your feedback/complaint with the instructor that has taught the course. We do not mention your specific name or any other identifying information
3. We make a judgement base on the other class evaluations and conversation with the instructor what the appropriate action is to remedy the situation. This usually entails a free retake with a different instructor or a partial or full refund depending on if the entire class session was attended. We promise we will take your complaint seriously and do the steps above and strive very hard to make the situation corrected so you are satisfied.

NH Residents: If the matter is not resolved, students may contact the Office of Career School Licensing, Department of Education, 101 Pleasant St, Concord NH 03301, 603.271.6443

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