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Class Reviews

Certstaffix Training collects detailed class reviews via a formal post-class evaluation in all our instructor-led courses.

Excel - Level 1

"This class was amazing! I only signed up for the first one but will definitely see if my company will fund more I learned so many helpful things. It was never overwhelming like I expected from Excel, everything was explained easy and completely." - Avery K.

Adobe Photoshop CC

"The layout and structure of this course was very easy to follow and learn with. The platform that this course was taught on made learning much easier than I expected. I will definitely recommend taking a course through this company!" - Josie V.

SQL Querying - Basic

"The SQL Query for beginners course was great. The teacher did a wonderful job in balancing between allowing the students to work on the queries by themselves and stepping in to assist. Also great sense of humor and very willing to answer any questions along the way. Definitely would recommend Cerstaffix." - Christopher C.

AutoCAD Essentials

"Very good class. Content was useful and met my expectations. Instructor was very helpful and did an excellent job of keeping everyone engaged." - Dale M.

Linux Essentials

"Class was well structured and plenty of time for one on one training when needed. Alan was very professional and clear in his teachings." - Donald C.

Microsoft Project vs. Excel: Which Should You Use for Project Management?

One of the first responsibilities of a project manager is to decide which software to use to perform project management tasks. In most cases, they choose between Microsoft Project and Excel. The particular software used will depend on a project manager's preferences and needs, but it's important to carefully compare the two before making this decision. Read More ...

Understanding the Tools of Photoshop

Those new to image editing are often astounded by the number and complexity of Photoshop's tools and effects. While it's true that understanding Photoshop's tools and effects will usually require a deep dive into the program with a live instructor, knowing basic information about them, including what they do to an image and how to access them, can start you on your journey to becoming a respected professional. Read More ...

Excel Courses for Accountants: How to Learn Excel as a Financial Professional

Accountants and other finance professionals have understood Microsoft Excel's computational power since its creation. With its spreadsheet layout and ability to immediately calculate numbers using formulas, it's surpassed paper ledgers in both usefulness and convenience. But while this software is vastly useful to a variety of accounting professionals, it can come with a steep learning curve, requiring thoughtfully designing training courses to master. Read More ...

How to Use QuickBooks for Daycare Centers

Daycare business owners face challenges every day, but one of the most common, accounting responsibilities, can be easily addressed by using reliable software. QuickBooks is a financial software solution that is trusted across countless industries, including child care. When used to its potential, it can provide daycare owners with the tools that they need to increase their profits and save money during tax season. Read More ...

How Professionals Use AutoCAD for Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical engineers use a bevy of tools to visualize, design, and test mechanical systems, but none are more relied upon than AutoCAD. For these professionals, AutoCAD provides a one-stop solution to the multi-layered challenge of production in the mechanical engineering industry. Read More ...

How to Use QuickBooks for a Cleaning Business

Service industry companies can require careful accounting measures to remain profitable, and cleaning businesses are no exception to this rule. Whether you work for yourself or run a large operation, QuickBooks can provide the solution to all of your unique accounting needs, from simply tracking the costs of cleaning supplies to managing field operations. Read More ...

What's the Easiest Way to Learn Photoshop?

Photoshop's versatility with creating and modifying images makes mastering this software an attractive prospect to professionals across various industries. Its complexity, however, often gives beginners pause and makes them wonder how they can simplify learning how to use it. Read More ...

Microsoft Project vs. Microsoft Planner: Which Should You Use?

If you're in search of project management software, two Microsoft programs are probably already on your radar: Project and Planner. While each can facilitate project planning and execution, their differences can help you determine which software is right for you. Read More ...

Photoshop Jobs: What Can You Do With an Adobe Photoshop Certification?

The types of jobs that you can do with Photoshop can be as varied as the features and functions found within the software. With a clear goal in mind and a Photoshop certification in hand, the type of work that you produce will only be limited by your imagination. Read More ...

Microsoft Project vs. Smartsheet Comparison: Which Should You Use?

While there are several popular project management tools on the market, project managers often find themselves choosing between two: Microsoft Project and Smartsheet. Although similar in overall function, each offers unique features that can make selecting the right software essential to project management success. Read More ...

Why Use Tableau Over Excel? How Tableau Is Better Than Excel

Although Tableau and Excel are different pieces of software with specific functions, some business owners and employees find enough overlap between the two to want to choose one or the other when working with data. But for those who have a need for business intelligence insights, data analysis, and visual representations, Tableau can be the appropriate solution for their professional needs. Tableau sets itself apart from Excel in a few different ways. Read More ...

Using QuickBooks as a Reseller: Tips and Strategies

While several accounting software options exist, none have been able to top the ubiquity and reliability of QuickBooks. Business owners of all types use the software for bookkeeping purposes, but resellers can have particular needs that require consideration and specific action when using the program. Read More ...

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