Software Training for Civil Engineers: What Do You Need to Learn?

Posted on 02/08/2022 by Niko Venev

Civil engineering is an integral part of building and maintaining a functional and orderly society. Whether a civil engineer is responsible for designing, constructing, or repairing buildings, roads, sewage systems, or other types of important infrastructure, their role is essential to civilization. To become a successful civil engineer, it's imperative to gain the right training in the appropriate specialty and become familiar with common software used within the industry.




The Basics of Software Training for Civil Engineers

It's important to understand that the specific types of software that civil engineers use can depend on the particular projects that they're working on. Another factor that can influence software choices is a professional's civil engineering specialty, such as:

  • Structural engineering
  • Geotechnical engineering
  • Environmental engineering
  • Water resource engineering
  • Transportation engineering
  • Construction and management engineering

For example, a structural engineer may use different technological tools than a water resource engineer. This is why it's essential for those new to the industry to identify the type of civil engineer that they want to be and sign up for the appropriate software training.

There is, however, one kind of software that's indispensable to the civil engineering profession. As a civil engineer, it's highly likely that you'll make use of computer-aided design (CAD) software. When civil engineers employ this software, they can complete numerous common civil engineering tasks, including drafting construction plans, sketching drawings and models, and laying out electrical diagrams. As an added benefit, many of these tasks can be stored online in a cloud environment so that civil engineers can work remotely or take their work to building sites.

While Autodesk markets AutoCAD, one of the most popular CAD programs, to be used across a wide variety of industries, the company also offers a program specifically created for civil infrastructure design called AutoCAD Civil 3D. Regardless of the particular CAD program that you use, having adequate AutoCAD training is essential to becoming a successful civil engineer. At Certstaffix Training, we offer high-quality AutoCAD courses that will help you improve your abilities with this important software. Our classes are taught by a live instructor to ensure that you'll always be able to get help from a knowledgeable professional. This type of hands-on, guided software training for civil engineers can be incredibly beneficial if you want to start a successful career.


Beyond CAD Programs

In addition to standard CAD software, a host of other programs and applications may prove extremely useful to aspiring and professional civil engineers. Some of these programs can be considered basic or common office software, but they can aid civil engineers by offering convenient ways to keep track of figures and manage projects. These programs can include Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, and Microsoft Project. To get the most out of these programs, it's important for novices to learn the fundamentals so that they can easily locate and work with relevant project information. Professionals who need more advanced versions of commonly used civil engineering tools also have options. For instance, programs like Bluebeam Revu can offer more markup features than standard Adobe PDF software.


Certification Options

Several types of certification options exist for civil engineers. Many individuals seeking civil engineering credentials may be interested in obtaining profession-specific certifications offered through reputable organizations that showcase their experience, skills, and education. Those who are new to the industry, however, may consider earning certifications that demonstrate their proficiency with the software most commonly used by civil engineers, such as AutoCAD. Earning these certifications can make you attractive to hiring managers and help you maintain your professional standing. Courses taken through Certstaffix Training can help you prepare for software certification exams by equipping you with the knowledge that you need to succeed.


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