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Length: 3 days

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Live Instructor Teaching

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This is an instructor-led course. It is taught by an instructor live online or at organizations for groups.
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Course Overview

In this jQuery course you will learn about: JavaScript essentials for jQuery users, jQuery essentials, jQuery UI essentials, Ajax, Node.js, and APIs and jQuery Mobile.

This course works especially well for people with some programming experience. That includes:

  • web developers who have done some JavaScript programming but are new to jQuery
  • web designers who use HTML and CSS and would like to know how to enhance their web pages with JavaScript…no previous programming experience required
  • web developers who do server-side programming on platforms like ASP.NET, JSP, or PHP and now want to master client-side programming too
  • web developers who have used jQuery for special-purpose applications, but don't feel comfortable with it
  • web developers who have already read 3 or 4 jQuery books but still aren't sure how to use jQuery in real-world applications

Register Early: Registration Deadline is 2 Weeks Prior to Class Start.

Course Notes

Knowledge Prerequisites

HTML5 & Cascading Style Sheets 3
Javascript Programming

Course Topics

Section 1: JavaScript essentials

Chapter 1: Introduction to web development
• How a web application works
• How the ECMAScript specification works
• The components of a JavaScript application
• The HTML skills that you need for this book
• The CSS skills that you need for this book
• How to test a JavaScript application
• How to use Visual Studio Code to develop JavaScript applications

Chapter 2: Get started fast with JavaScript
• How to include JavaScript in an HTML document
• The JavaScript syntax
• How to work with data
• How to work with expressions
• How to use objects, methods, and properties
• Two illustrative applications

Chapter 3: The essential JavaScript statements
• How to code conditional expressions
• How to code the basic control statements
• Three illustrative applications
• How to work with arrays
• The Test Scores application with an array

Chapter 4: How to work with JavaScript objects, functions, and events
• How to use objects to work with data
• How to use functions
• How to handle events
• Two illustrative applications

Chapter 5: How to test and debug a JavaScript application
• An introduction to testing and debugging
• How to debug with Chrome’s developer tools
• Other debugging methods

Chapter 6: How to script the DOM with JavaScript
• DOM scripting properties and methods
• The FAQs application
• How to script forms and controls
• The Register application
• How to modify the DOM

Chapter 7: How to work with images and timers
• How to work with images
• The Image Swap application
• How to use timers
• The Slide Show application

Section 2: jQuery essentials

Chapter 8: Get off to a fast start with jQuery
• Introduction to jQuery
• The basics of jQuery
• The Email List application
• More skills for working with jQuery
• Three illustrative applications

Chapter 9: How to use effects and animations
• How to use effects
• A Slide Show application with effects
• How to use animation
• A Carousel application with animation

Chapter 10: How to work with forms and data validation
• Introduction to forms and controls
• How to use jQuery to work with forms
• A Validation application

Chapter 11: How to use jQuery plugins and UI widgets
• Introduction to jQuery plugins
• How to use three of the most popular plugins
• Introduction to jQuery UI
• How to use five of the most popular jQuery UI widgets

Section 3: Advanced JavaScript skills

Chapter 12: How to work with numbers, strings, and dates
• How to work with numbers
• The PIG application
• How to work with strings
• How to work with dates and times
• The Count Down application
• The Internationalization API

Chapter 13: How to work with control structures, exceptions, and regular expressions
• What else you need to know about control structures
• The Invoice application
• How to handle exceptions
• How to use regular expressions
• The Account Profile application

Chapter 14: How to work with browser objects, cookies, and web storage
• How to script browser objects
• The Tutorial application
• How to use cookies
• The Task List application
• How to use web storage
• How to use Chrome with cookies and web storage

Chapter 15: How to work with arrays, sets, and maps
• How to create and use an array
• How to use the methods of the Array type
• The Test Scores application
• More skills for working with arrays
• The Task List application
• How to work with sets and maps

Chapter 16: How to work with objects
• Basic skills for working with objects
• The Miles Per Gallon application
• How to work with classes
• The Trips application
• How to work with prototypes
• More skills for working with objects
• The Task List application

Section 4: Take it to the next level

Chapter 17: How to work with functions, closures, and modules
• Basic skills for working with functions
• The Test Scores application
• How to work with closures
• The Slide Show application
• How to work with the module pattern
• How to work with ES modules
• The Slide Show 2.0 application

Chapter 18: How to work with Ajax
• Introduction to Ajax
• How to make a single Ajax request
• How to work with closures
• The Astronomy Picture Of the Day application
• How to make multiple Ajax requests
• The Photo Viewer application
• More skills for working with promises
• How to make cross-origin requests

Chapter 19: How to work with Node.js
• An introduction to Node.js
• How to use the node command
• How to work with Node.js modules
• How to use NPM to install modules


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