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Certstaffix Training offers Customer Service classes in several course formats. Our Customer Service training is available for individuals or corporate teams. Browse our Customer Service courses and training formats to enroll into one of our classes and start learning Customer Service skills today.

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Customer Service Classes offered by Certstaffix Training

Customer Service Training Classes


Live Customer Service Instructor-led Courses

Course Title (click for details & dates) Length Price (USD)
Customer Service 1 day $335

Self-Paced Customer Service eLearning

Course Title (click for details & purchase) Length Price (USD)
Customer Service eLearning Bundle 32 courses $300

Available Customer Service Training Methods:

Individual Live Online


Attend our live online public Customer Service training for individuals. An instructor teaches you remotely at your location.

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Team Onsite & Online


Have a team needing the same training in Customer Service? We can send an instructor to your office or host a private online class.

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Self-Paced Online


Purchase self-paced Customer Service eLearning to attend training on a timeframe that works for you or your team's schedule.

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If a central component of your team’s legacy includes being recognized for creating legendary customer service, then skills development will play a central role in reaching your goals. Our courses cover foundational knowledge through customer service excellence!

Certstaffix Training offers various ways to learn Customer Service skills. Check out the online customer service training courses or schedule an onsite customer service training for your private group. Certstaffix Training also offers Self-Paced eLearning modules that allow you to start and stop as needed. Pick up where you left off easily.

Customer Service Training FAQs

How Much Do Customer Service Training Courses Cost?

Customer service training costs are listed per student. Public instructor-led Customer Service course prices start at $335. Group training discounts are available.

Self-Paced Customer Service eLearning courses cost $300 at the starting point per student. Group purchase discounts are available.

What Customer Service Skills Should I Learn?

A: If you are wondering what Customer Service skills are important to learn, we've written a Customer Service Skills and Learning Guide that maps out Customer Service skills that are key to master and which of our customer service online courses teaches each skill.

Read Our Customer Service Skills and Learning Guide

Why Invest in Employee Training for HR Professionals?

A: Investing in employee training for professionals in human resource management (HRM) can be as important as obtaining training for your general workforce. In some ways, it can be even more imperative, as a fully functional and competent HR department can facilitate productivity among your staff. HR professionals can benefit from taking a number of courses, such as those that teach them how to work with common office software like Microsoft Office or skills like customer service. Adequate training for HR professionals can aid them in better identifying and addressing the needs of your employees.

More Information on Employee Training for HR Professionals

How do you train customer service skills?

A: Customer service skills are important for any business. At Certstaffix Training, we offer customer service training classes that can help your employees learn the skills they need to be successful. We offer both customer service classes online and onsite, so you can choose the option that best fits your needs.

Our customer service courses cover topics such as communication, problem-solving, and conflict resolution. With our classes, your employees will be able to provide excellent customer service that will keep your customers coming back. Contact us today to learn more about our customer service online training classes or the private onsite option!

What does customer service training consist of?

A: Customer service training generally consists of teaching customer service representatives how to deal with customers professionally and effectively. This can include topics such as handling customer inquiries, managing customer expectations, diffusing customer complaints, and providing excellent customer service. customer service training may also include role-playing exercises, so that customer service representatives can practice their skills in a realistic setting.

Role-playing exercises can be particularly helpful in customer service training, as they allow customer service representatives to practice their skills in a realistic setting. This can help them to better understand how to handle difficult customer situations and learn how to resolve problems effectively. Customer service training courses typically cover a wide range of topics, so that customer service representatives can be prepared for any situation they may encounter.Certstaffix Training provides both instructor-led classes and eLearning courses for Customer Service training. Browse our Customer Service course offerings or contact us today to learn more.

What skills do you need in customer service?

A: No matter what industry you work in, customer service skills are always important. If you deal with customers daily, you must have the right skills to make sure they have a positive experience.

That's where Certstaffix Training comes in. We offer customer service training classes that can help you learn the skills you need to succeed. Our classes are available online and onsite for groups, so we can accommodate your schedule.

So what skills do you need in customer service? Here are a few of the most important:

  • The ability to stay calm under pressure: This is one of the most important customer service skills. If you can't handle customer complaints or questions calmly, you're not going to be successful in customer service.
  • Great communication skills: You need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively with customers. This means being able to listen to their concerns and address them in a way that is helpful and friendly.
  • Patience: Customers can be challenging, and you must have the patience to deal with them. If you lose your temper easily, customer service is probably not the right career for you.
  • A positive attitude: No matter how difficult the customer is, you need to be able to maintain a positive attitude. This will help diffuse situations and make the customer feel better about doing business with you.

If you have these customer complaints or difficult situations without getting frazzled, you'll be well on your way to customer service success. customer service skills are always important. If you deal with customers daily, you must have the right skills to make sure they have a positive experience.

What are the top Customer Service skills?

A: The ability to provide excellent customer service is a key skill for any business. After all, happy customers are the lifeblood of any organization.

There are many different aspects to providing great customer service. But some skills are more important than others. Here are the top five customer service skills that every business should prioritize:

Top Customer Service Skills

1. Communication Skills - The ability to communicate effectively is absolutely essential for providing good customer service. This includes being able to listen carefully to what customers are saying, as well as being able to explain things clearly and concisely.

2. Empathy - Empathy is the ability to understand and share the feelings of another person. It’s a vital customer service skill because it allows you to see things from the customer’s perspective and to understand their needs.

3. Patience - Patience is another important virtue when it comes to dealing with customers. There will be times when customers are angry or upset, and it’s important to be able to remain calm and patient in these situations.

4. Problem-Solving Skills - Customers often come to businesses with problems that need to be solved. Having strong problem-solving skills will allow you to quickly and effectively find solutions for your customers.

5. Time Management Skills - Time management skills are important in any job, but they’re especially critical in customer service. This is because you often have to deal with multiple customers at the same time, and you need to be able to manage your time effectively in order to provide a good experience for everyone.

These are just a few of the many skills that are important for providing great customer service. By focusing on these skills, you can ensure that your business is providing the best possible experience for your customers.

Where Can I Learn More About Customer Service?

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Explore Customer Service Training Classes Near Me:

Certstaffix Training provides Customer Service classes near me or online, depending on the number of students involved. We offer online courses for individual learners, as well as in person classes at your office for corporate groups. Our trainers are highly experienced professionals with the expertise necessary to help you gain a thorough understanding of Customer Service concepts and tools. With our courses available online for individuals or in person for corporate groups, it's easy to develop your Customer Service skills. Start learning today and see how Certstaffix Training can help you reach your goals.

Customer Service Classes Near Me:


Individuals: Online Customer Service Courses Near Me

When individuals need to learn Customer Service, Certstaffix Training provides Customer Service classes online in the course formats listed above. Our Customer Service courses online allow you to learn from the convenience of your home or office, eliminating the need to travel. View the available formats for Customer Service online courses above.

Corporate Groups: Customer Service Training Near Me

If you need a Customer Service course near me, our onsite training for corporate groups provides Customer Service training in person at your office. We can send an instructor to your office for Customer Service in person training or hold a private Customer Service training online just for your group. Onsite classes allow for Customer Service classroom training by sending an instructor to your office. You can also schedule a private Customer Service course online just for your team if you have a remote or hybrid work environment. Get a quote today online or give us a call at 888-330-6890.

Customer Service Course Descriptions

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Customer Service

$335 (USD) • 1 Day • As a customer service representative, you are expected to handle customer interactions in the best way possible. The expectations of both your company and your customers hinge on your ability to provide the right service in the right way. In this course, you will explore the background and techniques of customer interactions.

Customer Service eLearning Bundle

$300 (USD) •   32 Courses • This eLearning Bundle includes courses in these 7 areas: Customer Service Essentials, Creating a Welcoming Environment, Mastering Customer Interactions, Managing Customer Expectations, Identifying Customer Types, Perfecting Your Customer Experience and Essential Career Skills.

Start your training today!