Microsoft Azure Training Classes Minneapolis, Minnesota

Individuals: Online

Corporate Groups: Onsite or Online

Certstaffix® Training offers Microsoft Azure classes in Minneapolis, Minnesota in several training course formats. For most Microsoft Azure courses, we offer either online training for individuals or onsite or online training for corporate groups. Browse our offerings below to learn more about our Microsoft Azure training options available for individuals or corporate teams in Minneapolis.

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Microsoft Azure Classes Available in Minneapolis

Microsoft Azure Training Classes


Live Microsoft Azure Instructor-led Courses

Course Title (click for details & dates) Length Price (USD)
Advanced Serverless Architectures with Azure 2 days $1,240
Beginning Serverless Architectures with Azure 1 day $620
Professional Azure SQL Database Administration 3 days $1,860
Professional Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineering 2 days $1,240

Self-Paced Microsoft Azure eLearning

Course Title (click for details & purchase) Length Price (USD)
Microsoft Azure eLearning Bundle 9 courses $600
Microsoft Azure Exam Prep eLearning Bundle 3 courses $700
Microsoft 365: Mobility and Security (Exam MS-101) 1 course $250

Available Microsoft Azure Training Methods:

Individual Live Online


Attend our live online public Microsoft Azure training for individuals. An instructor teaches you online from a location of your choice.

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Team Onsite & Online


Have a team needing the same training on Microsoft Azure? We can send an instructor to your office or host a private online class.

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Self-Paced Online


Purchase self-paced Microsoft Azure eLearning to attend training on a timeframe that works for you or your team's schedule.

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing applications and services through Microsoft-managed data centers. At its core, Azure is a public cloud computing platform—with solutions including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Software as a Service (SaaS) that can be used for services such as analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and much more.

Certstaffix Training offers both instructor-led and self-paced courses on Microsoft Azure. Instructor-led courses are available to attend live online or onsite at your office for groups. Our self-paced Azure courses are attended at your location and on your schedule.

Microsoft Azure Training FAQs

How Much Do Microsoft Azure Training Courses Cost?

Public instructor-led Microsoft Azure course prices start at $620 per student. Group training discounts are available.

Self-Paced Microsoft Azure eLearning courses cost $600 at the starting point per student. Group purchase discounts are available.

How long does Azure take to learn?

A: The amount of time it takes to learn Azure really depends on your previous experience and how quickly you are able to pick up new concepts. However, most people should be able to get a good grasp of Azure within a few weeks with some dedicated study. If you want to become an expert in Azure, it will probably take a few months or even longer.

The best way to learn Azure is to get started with some basic concepts and then build on your knowledge over time. There are many resources available to help you learn Azure, so don't be afraid to ask for help or look for tutorials online. With some effort, you should be able to learn everything you need to know about Azure.

Azure training classes typically last between two and four days, depending on the level of expertise you wish to achieve. Beginner classes may be shorter, while more advanced classes may be longer. You can also expect to spend some time outside of class learning Azure on your own.

Certstaffix Training offers Microsoft Azure training courses. Browse our offerings today or contact us to get started.

Does Azure require coding?

A: No, you don't need to be a coder to use Azure. However, being able to code can help you get the most out of Azure and take advantage of all its features. If you're not a coder, don't worry - our Azure training classes can help you get up to speed on everything you need to know.

Browse our Microsoft Azure classes or contact us today to learn more.

Is Azure difficult to learn?

A: No, Azure is not difficult to learn. In fact, many people find it relatively easy to get started with Azure and its various features. The key is to have access to quality training materials and resources so you can learn at your own pace.

Microsoft Azure is a cloud platform that offers a wide range of services and features. In order to learn it, you need access to quality training materials and resources. Fortunately, there are many different ways to get started with Azure.

One option is to take an Azure training class. Another option is to watch online video tutorials. There are many different Azure video tutorials available, and they can help you learn at your own pace.

Another great way to learn Azure is to use the official Microsoft documentation. This comprehensive resource provides detailed information on all aspects of the platform. Finally, you can also join the Microsoft Azure community. This online community is full of experts who can help you learn Azure and solve any problems you may encounter.

Certstaffix Training offers both online and group onsite classes that can help you quickly get up to speed on Azure. Our expert instructors will guide you through everything you need to know, from the basics of cloud computing to more advanced concepts such as networking and security. Contact us today to learn more about our Azure training courses.

What are the top Azure skills?

A: When it comes to Azure skills, there are a few that stand out above the rest. Here are the top three Azure skills that employers are looking for:

Top Azure Skills

1. Cloud Computing Skills - As Azure is a cloud computing platform, it’s no surprise that employers are looking for candidates with strong cloud computing skills. If you want to be a top candidate for an Azure role, make sure you have a strong understanding of cloud computing concepts and how they can be applied to Azure.

2. Azure Administration Skills - Another important skill employers are looking for in candidates for Azure roles is experience with Azure administration. If you have experience administering Azure resources, you’ll be in a good position to land a top Azure role.

3. Azure Development Skills - In addition to cloud computing and Azure administration skills, employers are also looking for candidates with strong Azure development skills. If you have experience developing applications on Azure, you’ll be in a good position to land a top Azure role.

By honing these three Azure skills, you’ll be in a good position to land a top role on the platform. So get started today and start building your Azure skillset!

Where Can I Learn More About Microsoft Azure?

Microsoft Azure Blogs

Microsoft Azure User Groups

Microsoft Azure Online Forums

More Microsoft Azure Training Classes Near Me


Individuals: Microsoft Azure Online Classes in Minneapolis

When individuals need to learn Microsoft Azure in Minneapolis, Certstaffix Training provides online classes in two formats: 1) Live Online or 2) Self-paced eLearning.

Computer Training Classes
1. Live Online Training Classes

Our live online Microsoft Azure training classes in Minneapolis are held on set schedules and taught by real live instructors. You can view live online class schedules by viewing each course outline. These are fully interactive classes that students attend in a virtual Zoom classroom. You can ask questions just like in a physical classroom. There are break times throughout the day. Most classes also involve hands-on exercises in an online lab environment we provide during class (may require trial or own login).

2. Self-Paced eLearning Training Classes

Our Microsoft Azure eLearning courses are self-paced - you attend when it is convenient for you in a web browser. Video lectures teach you and you can start, stop & replay as much as you like during your 6-month subscription length. Certain eLearning classes (as indicated on each eLearning course outline) also include a virtual computer where you can practice with the software you are learning (may require trial or own login). Microsoft Azure eLearning is a good solution for independent learners or people with limited schedules.

Corporate Groups: Microsoft Azure Classes in Minneapolis

When you need Microsoft Azure onsite training in Minneapolis for a corporate group, we can send an instructor to your office or hold online private classes. Microsoft Azure onsite training classes allow face-to-face in-person instruction by sending an instructor to your office in the Minneapolis area. You can also schedule a private live online training for your group in Minneapolis that allows for a class for just your employees. Get a quote today online or give us a call at 888-330-6890.

Minneapolis Area Computer Training Classes

Certstaffix Training offers training classes in Minneapolis on computer and business skills through instructor-led and eLearning training methods. Instructor-led classes in Minneapolis are delivered either live online or onsite at your organization for groups. eLearning courses are self-paced and may be purchased for individuals or entire teams.

Certstaffix Training Services Available in Minneapolis:

Certstaffix Training provides computer training services in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. Our courses are designed to help you learn the skills you need to be successful in today's competitive job market. We offer a variety of courses that cover everything from basic computer skills to advanced topics like web development and network administration. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced professional, we have a course that's right for you.

Our experienced instructors are committed to helping you succeed. They will work with you to ensure that you understand the material and can apply it to real-world situations. We also offer flexible scheduling options to fit your busy lifestyle. Whether you're looking for evening or weekend classes, we have a schedule that will work for you.

If you're ready to take your career to the next level, contact us today to learn more about our computer training services. We look forward to helping you reach your goals.

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Adobe Training Minneapolis
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After Effects Training Minneapolis
Animate Training Minneapolis
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Captivate Training Minneapolis
Dreamweaver Training Minneapolis
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Alteryx Training Minneapolis
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Business Skills/Process

Agile Scrum Training Minneapolis
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Presentation Training Minneapolis
Project Management Training Minneapolis
Remote Work Training Minneapolis
Six Sigma Training Minneapolis

Minneapolis Microsoft Azure Course Descriptions

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7 Results

Advanced Serverless Architectures with Microsoft Azure

$1,240 (USD) • 2 Days • Advanced Serverless Architectures with Microsoft Azure redefines your experience of designing serverless systems. It shows you how to tackle challenges of varying levels, not just the straightforward ones. You'll be learning how to deliver features quickly by building systems, ...

Beginning Serverless Architectures with Azure

$620 (USD) • 1 Day • This is a 1-day course which balances theory and hand-on applications that are focused on practical takeaways to learn Azure. Serverless Architectures with Azure is dynamic allocation of cloud computing resources which is an offering from Microsoft.

Microsoft 365: Mobility and Security (Exam MS-101) (eLearning)

This course will cover topics from the Microsoft MS-101 exam, which measures a student’s ability to accomplish the following technical and administrative tasks: Identify threat vectors; use Secure Score; configure Azure Identity Protection...

Microsoft Azure eLearning Bundle

$600 (USD) •   9 Courses • Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft for building, testing, deploying, and managing services through Microsoft-managed data centers. This eLearning bundle includes these 9 courses: Introduction to Azure, Active Directory, Networking, Azure Storage, Automation and Log Analytics, Deploying Virtual Machines, Containers, SQL and Deploying Websites.

Microsoft Azure Exam Prep eLearning Bundle

$700 (USD) •   3 Courses • This eLearning bundle includes these 3 courses: Microsoft Azure Administrator (Exam AZ-104), Microsoft Azure Security Technologies (Exam AZ-500) and Microsoft AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.

Professional Azure SQL Database Administration

$1,860 (USD) • 3 Days • This is a 3-day course which balances theory and hand-on applications that are focused on practical takeaways to learn Azure SQL Database.

Professional Microsoft Azure DevOps Engineering

$1,240 (USD) • 2 Days • This course starts with the hands-on approach to develop an application and create a quality product using DevOps with Azure. This course provides a perfect blend of real-world examples and hands-on exercises to help you learn key concepts and techniques.

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