AutoCAD Certified User Certification

If you are looking to achieve AutoCAD Certified User certification, Certstaffix® Training has courses that will prepare you to take the exam. Our training courses prepare you to obtain AutoCAD Certified User certification.


Step 1 - Attend Training

These Certstaffix Training classes prepare students for the corresponding certification exam:


Please Note: We do not administer exams or provide testing vouchers.


Step 2 - Take Exam

Vendor/Organization:  Autodesk
Certification Name:  AutoCAD Certified User
Certification Details:
Exam Provider:

Enhance your ability to create breathtaking designs, increase your skills documentation, and boost your productivity by certifying at the pro level with AutoCAD®.Becoming an Autodesk Certified User can lead to accelerated career development, improved capacity, and enhanced credibility. In short, it can help get you where you want to go.

Stand out with an Autodesk Certification

- Earn an industry-recognized credential that helps prove your skill level and can get you hired.
- Develop your skills with sample projects and exercises that emphasize real-world applications.
- Accelerate your professional development and help enhance your credibility and career success.
- Validate your skills and join an elite team of Autodesk Certified professionals.
- Display your Autodesk Certified certificate, use the Autodesk Certified logo, highlight your achievement and get noticed by listing your name in the Autodesk Certified Professionals database.



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