How to Learn WordPress?

Posted on 04/21/2021 by Niko Venev

As a content management system (CMS), WordPress is a popular solution among businesses that want to easily publish content online for public consumption. Whether businesses want to use WordPress as part of an e-commerce website or simply to keep customers updated on company news, this CMS provides a platform for highly accessible online communication.


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What Is the Best Way to Learn WordPress?

For many employees, taking formal training courses is the best way to learn WordPress. With high-quality instruction, you can gain the skills you need as well as an advantage in a competitive work environment or job market. Focus on studying materials that have been developed for your specific skill level, whether you have basic or advanced knowledge of the CMS. Signing up for hands-on courses that are well-structured and have skilled instructors can make a big difference in how much information you retain.

While WordPress doesn’t offer an official certification pathway, completing a WordPress-related class can boost others’ confidence in your ability to work with the software. Taking a WordPress training course can be done individually online, and business owners who want to train multiple employees can host a group WordPress class to teach staff how to use the software for the company’s benefit.


Where Can I Learn WordPress?

If you just want to get a taste of what the software can do, you can read through the support documentation on the official WordPress website. If you’re seeking a more in-depth understanding of this CMS, though, the best way to master WordPress is by taking a training class that offers both professional instruction and the opportunity to get hands-on experience with this powerful tool. With Certstaffix Training, you can take a WordPress course in any location that’s convenient for you, whether it’s one of our computer labs, at your office, or online anywhere that has Internet access.


How Can I Learn WordPress Online?

When you take a WordPress class from Certstaffix Training, you’ll be able to learn online with a live instructor who will walk you through everything you need to know, answer your questions, and guide you through hands-on exercises to help you master the course material. If you prefer, you can also choose our self-paced option, which lets you work on learning WordPress using our educational materials on your own schedule, wherever and whenever you choose.


How Long Will it Take to Learn WordPress?

Our WordPress training course can help you to master the basics of using this CMS in just two days. At the end of the course, you’ll know how to install WordPress, navigate the dashboard, install and work with themes and plugins, design your website’s structure, create and publish content, and use widgets. Those who want to use WordPress in a corporate setting, however, may opt to devote months to learning the more minute details of how it works and how it can be customized to suit unique needs. WordPress developers may need to devote years to understanding and applying advanced concepts or even earning a related degree.


Can I Learn WordPress on My Own?

While it’s technically possible to learn WordPress on your own, it’s definitely a good idea to enroll in formal training, especially if you plan to use the platform for official business purposes or need to understand advanced concepts. An important benefit of participating in formal training is that a live instructor can ensure that you thoroughly understand the material and show you real-world applications of what you’re learning.


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