Employee Training for Cybersecurity Professionals

Posted on 04/13/2022 by Niko Venev

Digital data is one of the most valuable commodities in the modern world. When a hacker targets and comes to possess it, this can spell disaster for a company, leading to monetary loss, legal ramifications, and reduced trust from customers and the public. Since a whole digital system, network, or business can be compromised by the uninformed action of a single employee, it's important to provide staff with comprehensive cybersecurity training.


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Cybersecurity Concepts: The Basics

When business owners want to provide employee training on cybersecurity practices, they usually want to inform their staff about traditional threats that employees can be vulnerable to when working in a digital environment. These can include:

  • Malware
  • Ransomware
  • Scams
  • SQL injections
  • Cross-site scripting
  • Session impersonations
  • Social engineering

While the particulars of individual training programs can differ, some of the best classes are those that have a live instructor to provide examples and simulations to students. Cybersecurity training can also address a number of other concepts, such as accidental data loss or the misplacement of devices. In addition, with the rising prevalence of remote work, basic cybersecurity practices can extend to the cloud and wireless networks.


Cybersecurity and Remote Work

As more companies adopt a hybrid work environment or remote workforce, moving files and information online for easy access through the cloud or wireless networks has become more commonplace. While this may be a convenient way for employees to retrieve documents and complete tasks from wherever they are, online file storage presents special problems and requires that particular precautions be taken, like finding strong encryption solutions. The potential for serious cybersecurity breaches to occur rises with the increased reliance on the Internet to complete work. Your company may also be at higher risk of attack if it belongs to a data-rich or data-sensitive industry, such as technology, health care, energy, finance, or pharmaceuticals, and it can be necessary to remain compliant with industry-specific regulations regarding privacy.


Protect Your Business, Staff, and Investments

Investing in employee training for cybersecurity professionals means that you'll have a better chance of mitigating damage if your business or organization suffers from a malicious attack. Since your employees will be trained in basic cybersecurity techniques, they'll have the knowledge that they need to take immediate action if they find themselves the victims of an online intrusion. This can minimize data corruption or loss and sometimes stop malicious behavior in its tracks. With the proper training, employees may even be able to recognize live attacks and take steps to stop the malicious activity before it becomes a major issue. Employee training on cybersecurity adds an extra layer of protection for your staff's work, consumers' data, and any valuable information that you may have, including data covering intellectual property or company finances.


Employee Training for Cybersecurity: The Social Engineering Factor

While professional hackers can be adept at using advanced technical skills to compromise databases or corrupt software, they can also rely on the vulnerabilities of humans to achieve their goals. By using social engineering tactics, hackers can learn the personal details of employees, which in turn may help them infiltrate protected systems, such as corporate networks. Examples of social engineering can include various acts of deception, like impersonating friends, family, and associates and asking employees to enroll in fake programs using confidential information. Training employees on how to recognize social engineering tactics can safeguard both a company's information and their own.


Protect Yourself With Online and On-Site Cybersecurity Classes

Since online threats evolve every day, it's important to understand the value of long-term employee training. Cybersecurity techniques change over time and making sure that your employees continue to take courses that cover the latest threats can ensure that they stay knowledgeable and prepared to tackle any attack that may come their way. At Certstaffix Training, we've designed cybersecurity training classes to help your employees stay apprised of the latest cybersecurity threats. They can even be used to help prepare students for relevant certification exams. Sign up today to learn about important cybersecurity concepts and how to combat threats or attacks when they occur.


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Cyber Security Instructor-led Courses

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CompTIA Security+ 5 days $2,800

Cyber Security Self-Paced eLearning

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CompTIA CASP+ eLearning Bundle 1 course $400
CompTIA PenTest+ eLearning Bundle 1 course $400
CompTIA Security+ eLearning Bundle 1 course $400
Cyber Security Awareness Basics eLearning Bundle 2 courses $75


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