Computer Training - Keyboarding for Kids Resource Page

Posted on 05/20/2018 by Jonathan O'Brien

Keyboarding is one of the most useful activities that adults and children can use. It is something that can be used for using the computers, word processing, texting and a host of other technology related tasks. Keyboarding is basically the knowledge of the keyboard layout and the ability to use all ten fingers in using the keyboard. In order to become proficient at keyboarding, it takes practice - lots of practice.

To understand the art of keyboarding, it is helpful to practice and complete exercises which are aimed at learning about the layout of a typical keyboard, hand positioning and other related help. To learn more about keyboarding, as well as activities, games and resources, we have put together the following information. We hope this helps you, your children and others in becoming better keyboarders. Feel free to share this information with others.


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