Advanced Python Programming Course

Course Details:

Length: 2 days

Price: $1350/person (USD)

Group Price: Request Quote

Course Features:

Live Instructor Teaching

Certificate of Completion

Courseware: Print

Hands-On Learning?: Yes

Software Lab Included?: Yes

Delivery Methods:

Live Online

Individuals and Groups
@ Your Location or Our Labs

Onsite for Teams

Group Teams
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This is an instructor-led course. It is taught by an instructor live online or at organizations for groups.
For team training, we can teach onsite at your office or private live online.

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Course Overview

This course is for students who have taken an introductory course and are ready to learn more and for students who have some experience programming with Python and are ready to go to the next level. Topics Covered:

  • Lamba Functions.
  • Advanced list comprehensions.
  • The Collections module.
  • Mapping and filtering.
  • Sorting sequences.
  • Unpacking sequences in function calls.
  • Modules and packages.

Register Early: Registration Deadline is 2 Weeks Prior to Class Start.

Course Notes

Versions That Can Attend: Python 2, Python 3, and Python 3.8 (differences between the versions are noted)
Course Taught With: Python 3.8 Software and Courseware

Knowledge Prerequisites

Introduction to Python Programming
• Basic Python programming experience, in particular, you should be very comfortable with:

  • working with strings, lists, tuples, and dictionaries
  • loops and conditionals
  • writing your own functions

• Also, some exposure to HTML, XML, JSON, and SQL would be useful

Course Topics

Lesson 1: Advanced Python Concepts - 1
Lambda Functions
Advanced List Comprehensions
• Exercise 1: Rolling Five Dice Collections Module
• Exercise 2: Creating a defaultdict
• Exercise 3: Creating a Counter
Mapping and Filtering
Mutable and Immutable Built-in Objects
• Exercise 4: Converting list.sort() to sorted(iterable)
Sorting Sequences of Sequences
Creating a Dictionary from Two Sequences
Unpacking Sequences in Function Calls
• Exercise 5: Converting a String to a Object
Modules and Packages

Lesson 2: Regular Expressions - 53
Regular Expression Tester
Regular Expression Syntax
Python's Handling of Regular Expressions
• Exercise 6: Green Glass Door

Lesson 3: Working with Data - 73
Virtual Environment
Relational Databases
Passing Parameters
• Exercise 7: Querying a SQLite Database
SQLite Database in Memory
• Exercise 8: Inserting File Data into a Database
Drivers for Other Databases
• Exercise 9: Finding Data in a CSV File
Creating a New CV File
• Exercise 10: Creating a CV with DictWrite
Getting Data from the Web
• Exercise 11: HTML Scraping
• Exercise 12: JSON Home Runs

Lesson 4: Testing and Debugging - 133
Testing for Performance
• Exercise 13: Comparing Times to Execute
The unittest Module
• Exercise 14: Fixing Functions
Special unittest.TestCase Methods

Lesson 5: Classes and Objects - 157
Classes vs. Objects
Attributes and Methods
• Exercise 15: Adding a roll() Method to Die
Private Attributes
• Exercise 16: Properties
Documenting Classes
• Exercise 17: Documenting the Die Class
• Exercise 18: Extending the Die Class
Extending a Class Method
• Exercise 19: Extending the roll() Method
Static Methods
Class Attributes and Methods
Abstract Classes and Methods
Understanding Decorators

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