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As a hobby, writing opens up a realm of limitless creativity and self-expression, providing an exciting playground for thoughts and ideas. Whether you're penning a fantastical adventure or drafting an insightful article, the joy of writing lies in seeing your thoughts materialize on a page. While people may envision writing as being done with a pen and paper, most writing is done on computers these days, and technology has also given writers a wide variety of useful tools to make the process easier. Digital tools can not only streamline the mechanics of writing but also turn the whole process into a more engaging and interactive experience.


You never know when or how inspiration will strike, but Evernote can help you keep your ideas, images, and audio recordings organized in one place.

Google Docs

Real-time collaboration and device-independent access are the main features of this word-processing platform, making it an ideal choice for both individual and group projects.


By providing feedback on grammar, spelling, and readability, this tool can significantly improve the quality of written content.


Serving as a reliable companion to writers, this multi-faceted manuscript editing software takes on the roles of a grammar checker, style editor, and writing mentor, effectively refining and enhancing written works.

Hemingway App

This application can help you simplify your writing by highlighting complex sentences and suggesting improvements.


This robust project management platform provides users with the ability to effectively track the time spent on writing tasks, which can help you to be more productive and effortlessly manage deadlines.


The features of this visual tool make it ideal for project management tasks like organizing writing assignments and managing to-do lists.

The Most Dangerous Writing App

This tool deletes your progress if you stop typing for too long, making it a powerful motivational tool for writers who need to push themselves to get their rough draft written.


Designed with user-friendliness in mind, this application lets you save articles and videos you find online for later offline reading, which can be really useful during the research phase of the writing process.


Equipped with a drag-and-drop document builder, this website eases collaboration and enables teams to draft and revise together, no matter their geographical location.


Offering a full-screen writing interface, this lightweight resource furnishes a distraction-free environment, letting writers focus solely on their words.


A Web application designed to aid brainstorming, Coggle lets users visually structure their thoughts and ideas using mind maps.


Simple yet effective, this online tool tracks your word and character count, helping writers to stick to strict word limits.

Cliché Finder

Are you concerned that your writing contains too many clichés? Type any word or phrase into this tool to see if you're guilty of leaning too heavily on overused phrases.


A search engine specifically for words, this online reference collects definitions, synonyms, antonyms, and translations from various sources, proving a valuable resource for writers.

Microsoft OneNote

Acting as a digital vault for all ideas, lists, and future plans, this organizational note-taking suite allows real-time collaboration and synchronization across devices.


Tailored to track digital habits, this time-tracking tool offers insights into how you spend your time and coaches you to be more productive.


As a plagiarism checker, this tool ensures the originality of your writing, helping you to avoid inadvertent borrowing from other sources.


This user-friendly graphic design platform allows you to create custom visuals, such as book covers and social media posts, aiding in the presentation and promotion of your work


Designed for Mac and iOS users, this app serves as a versatile writing and note-taking platform featuring a distraction-free focus mode and efficient hashtag organization.


This book creation software allows you to effortlessly arrange your manuscript, notes, and plot using its intuitive visual plot grid tool.


Organize your ideas using visual display boards with this tool.

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