How to Learn Microsoft Outlook Online?

Posted on 12/21/2020 by Niko Venev

Microsoft Outlook is one of the most popular and trusted email software solutions on the market. Businesses can rely on its security capabilities, integration features, and dependability. Companies and employees alike find new reasons to prefer Outlook over other email clients every day, from allowing offline access to emails to its rich customization options.


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Basic Features of Microsoft Outlook

At its very core, Microsoft Outlook is an email program. The most basic features of the software revolve around emailing and can include:

  • Creating an email
  • Adding attachments to emails
  • Opening and saving attachments
  • Crafting a signature
  • Replying to emails
  • Forwarding emails
  • Message delivery and receipt confirmation

In addition, Microsoft Outlook allows its users to take advantage of advanced features that can be particularly useful to businesses and their staff, like:

  • Scheduling meetings and suggesting meeting locations
  • Managing RSVPs
  • Creating, assigning, and managing tasks
  • Setting reminders, such as for bills
  • Managing time zones
  • Creating and maintaining contact lists and directory information
  • Viewing work schedules
  • Printing emails, contact lists, or scheduled items on a calendar

When Microsoft Outlook’s basic and advanced features are used within a company, they can offer a convenient, professional way to manage or support a host of business operations.


How to Learn Microsoft Outlook?

The best way to learn Microsoft Outlook is to sign up for a training course and use the software through practical application. Microsoft Outlook makes it easy to add your email accounts to the program so that you can send and receive correspondence from a variety of email addresses, even if they’re located on different servers. When learning how to use Microsoft Outlook, make sure that you learn how to perform basic functions like:

  • Add email accounts
  • View, compose and send emails
  • Organize your inbox
  • Manage your contacts
  • Use filters
  • Add a signature
  • Set an automatic reply
  • Find missing, deleted, or archived emails
  • Encrypt your emails
  • Archive and back up your emails

While many individuals experience an initial learning curve, becoming familiar with Microsoft Outlook through practical use can make it easier to master. Once you understand the software’s basics, consider using its advanced features to streamline your workflow.

Take a moment to learn about the security features of Microsoft Outlook, especially if you work for a company that manufactures proprietary products or regularly communicates valuable information. If branding is important to your corporate culture, you may want to find training that details how to fully customize the software through themes. Whatever your emailing needs, Microsoft Outlook often offers a solution through its extensive customization options.


Microsoft Outlook Training Guide

A quick online search can yield numerous tutorials and manuals that have been developed to instruct individuals on how to work with Microsoft Outlook. Many of these resources, however, can be written in a technical manner and may be confusing to the average student. Instead of reading a long and potentially dry training guide, you can learn the fundamentals of Microsoft Outlook in a more dynamic learning environment by taking classes. At Certstaffix Training, we offer Microsoft Outlook training based on your skill level. These courses are taught by a live instructor who can teach you how to create and manage official email correspondence in a professional setting. In addition, our self-paced classes and e-learning bundles offer flexibility and cover both basic and advanced Microsoft Outlook concepts. Sign up today to master Outlook with ease!


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