How to Learn SQL Queries Fast

Posted on 06/24/2022 by Jonathan O'Brien

Best Way to Learn SQL Queries

Instructor-Led Courses:

Self-Paced eLearning Courses:

How to Learn SQL Fast?

SQL (Structured Query Language) is a powerful scripting language used by many database systems. It is an essential skill for anyone working with databases and large sets of data that need to be worked with. You can learn SQL queries fast with 4 different learning options: 1) Instructor-led SQL Courses; 2) Self-paced SQL eLearning; 3) Online SQL Tutorials; 4) Books on SQL.

1. Instructor-led SQL Query Courses

Learning SQL from a live instructor is a great option to quickly add SQL querying skills to your resume. You can take a SQL class live online or face-to-face depending on your preferences and number of learners. The strongest advantage of a live instructor teaching you is the ability to ask questions specific to your needs and get them answered on the fly. It therefore provides a highly customized learning experience that is often the most preferred method for learning SQL.

2. Self-Paced SQL Querying eLearning

The disadvantage of instructor-led SQL training is that it requires a set schedule. If you need a more flexible option to learn SQL queries on your own schedule, then eLearning is another good option to gain SQL skills. The advantage of eLearning is that you can start and stop the course as you want to, replay any portion and access specific parts of the course to address immediate training needs.

3. SQL Querying Tutorials

For people with some SQL querying skills, another option available is to utilize online SQL tutorials. For new learners with little or no SQL skills, this is not an ideal option since there is no way to ask questions if you get stuck or need specific answers. For targeted learning for people already somewhat familiar with SQL, this can be a learning option that works. Tutorials are available in video or written/blog type formats.

4. Books on SQL Querying

Like tutorials, SQL books are available that can work well for intermediate to advanced SQL skill levels. The same reasons of not having anyone to answer questions is why it is a good solution for people with some SQL experience, but not ideal for brand new users of SQL.


Can I learn SQL in a Day?

It is possible to learn how to write basic SQL queries in 1 day if you have some prior database experience. You must already understand database basics like schemas, tables, fields, etc. in order to learn SQL in a 1-day class or on your own. For advanced SQL queries, it usually takes 2 or more days if you are just starting out learning SQL querying.


How Long Does It Take to Learn SQL Queries?

If you have prior database experience, learning SQL Queries can be done in as little as 1 to 2 days. Learning how to create and use SQL queries requires prior knowledge and skills working with databases. Since SQL is the language that drives most databases, it is essential to already understand how databases work and have some experience working with them. Many introductory SQL courses include this at the beginning of class, so beginners can start learning how to create SQL queries with no prior database experience.


What is the Easiest Way to Learn SQL Queries?

The easiest ways to learn SQL queries is from a live SQL instructor in a class. The class can be held live online or face-to-face. The advantage of a live instructor-led SQL class is that each student can get their specific questions answered throughout the class. This offers a customized and efficient learning experience for each student. For those with some SQL knowledge or those who excel at self-learning, SQL eLearning is another good option. Most SQL eLearning courses can be attended on your own schedule, unlike an instructor-led class that meets at specific times. They are usually recorded video for lecture, so you can stop, start & rewind as much as you like. The downside of eLearning is you cannot ask a live instructor questions and you'll usually have to find answers on your own through internet searches or joining online SQL forums.


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