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Posted on 04/30/2018 by Jonathan O'Brien

History of Computers

  • Fun Computer History Facts for Kids: Learn about how much computers have changed since the first devices for solving math problems were invented in about 500 B.C.
  • A History of Computers for Kids: Modern computers are tiny and very popular, but they began from early inventions of parts such as vacuum tubes and transistors.
  • Timeline of Computer History: This timeline shows dates such as the date of the invention of the first computer game and the date of the first email virus.
  • History of Computers: A Brief Timeline: The first computer was designed to count numbers in the 1880 U.S. Census because people were having trouble calculating these very big numbers.
  • Invention of the PC: The early computers were very heavy and very large, taking up entire rooms in office buildings.
  • Short History of the Computer: Many historians trace computer history back to the abacus, which is a simple tool with beads that people used to complete math problems.

Keyboarding Basics

  • Typing Game: Young students will learn the letters, numbers, and symbols as they progress through the levels in this keyboarding game.
  • Use the Mouse and Keyboard: This basic lesson teaches kids the fundamentals of using a mouse and a computer keyboard.
  • Keyboarding Practice: This game focuses on the importance of proper technique while giving students lots of opportunities to practice keyboarding skills.
  • Keyboarding Zoo: Kids can learn the basics about keyboarding by playing the Keyboarding Zoo game.
  • Typeroids Mission: Go on a Typeroids mission to learn the home row of the computer keyboard.
  • Introduction to Typing: This fun and easy introduction to keyboarding shows kids where to place their fingers to begin typing.

Parts of a Computer

Internet Terms and Searching Tips for Kids

Online Educational Games for Kids

  • Math Baseball: This game pitches math problems, and players have to solve them to advance around the bases.
  • U.S. Capitals: Test knowledge of the states and capitals in this map-based game of the United States.
  • Spelling Bee: See how far a student can advance in this fun spelling bee game.
  • Insecteresting Game: Identify different insects in this fast-paced game.
  • Recycle Round-Up: Test level of knowledge about recyclables and how to recycle items by playing this game.

Online Safety

Computer Resources for Parents


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