Computer Coding for Kids

Posted on 05/20/2018 by Jonathan O'Brien

As technology continues to change over the years, new types of training become necessary. This is very true for kids today, who are growing up in a time where everything is done on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. While most kids know how to use computers from a young age, there is a lot more to know about computers. Computer training is more than knowing how to visit websites or type words on a computer. Luckily, there are a lot of programs that are made to help you learn the first steps of computer training. Some of these programs will even teach you how to use special coding to make your own computer programs or games.

Learning a new skill is always fun but at first, it can be hard work. Computer coding is no different than learning to ride a bike; it is hard at first, but after it's learned, it becomes easy and fun. A special type of computer training, in a subject called computer coding, is like learning a new language. There are a lot of codes to learn but after they are learned, they can be used to make new games, apps, or helpful computer programs. Computer coding is used to make all games and apps that are already played on tablets, phones, or computers and the people that created these games or apps had to first learn to speak the coding language.

Once a person knows the language of computer coding, they can use this language and enter it into certain programs that help create new apps or other programs by reading the code language. Using these codes and programs, people can make games with any characters, colors, or words that they want to use. Those who know the language can do things that they would not be able to do without knowing the language, for instance, create a website. The knowledge needed to design these types of programs also gives people a chance to come up with a whole new world of ideas and inventions. This is because computer coding lets people use their imaginations to come up with their own ideas. Learning the language of computer coding is not only fun but it can be very helpful when you grow up and want to find jobs working with computers.

People that have jobs using computer coding are usually called computer programmers. They also work with computers to fix problems with software and websites. For kids that want to grow up to be computer programmers, it is important to learn computer coding. The easiest way to learn the basic words in computer coding is to research them and then make flashcards to practice. Once all of the basic words are learned, there are games and programs made for kids who want to learn how to make their own games or apps with computer coding. Most kids who play these games are at least six years old because they require a lot of reading and directions. These games help to prepare you for harder areas of computer coding when you are older.

Once all of the basic words and ideas of computer coding are learned and simple codes can be entered into coding software, there are a lot of other ways to learn computer coding. Online games and programs can help to learn more advanced parts of computer coding, but for those who really enjoy computer coding, there are programs with teachers to help. A lot of schools have after-school programs to teach computer coding, and there are even summer camps around the country that allow kids to learn and make their own games. Once you learn everything about computer coding, it will be like having a secret language you can use to talk to computers.

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