Microsoft Excel Certification: Cost and Benefits

Posted on 01/01/2019 by Niko Venev

If you work in a data-driven industry, you’ve probably come to recognize Microsoft Excel’s value in your workplace. Whether you’re a business owner or an employee, learning Excel can help you manage and interpret data within seconds, making your job easier. Many in the workforce express interest in learning Excel and testing for certification, but they can be intimidated by the potential investment. When attempting to budget for the Microsoft Excel certification cost, you’ll first have to realize that several factors can influence how much money you’ll ultimately invest in training and testing before you can become certified.


Is Excel Training Worth It?

If you’re the head of a large corporation or a small business owner, investing in Excel training can offer you a number of benefits. When you learn how to navigate and work with these documents, you can access an unlimited amount of business-related data without having to wait for an employee to interpret it for you. Digital spreadsheets can quickly give you a glimpse into the health of your business, and they can illustrate:

  • Which aspects of your business are the most profitable
  • Which team members are the most productive
  • Where you should concentrate future efforts for maximum impact on your bottom line

With the changing landscape of modern business and the increased reliance on technology to process and interpret data, you can consider the initial Excel certification cost to be an investment in your company’s ability to match and exceed competitors’ efforts. Additionally, covering the costs for employees’ training can plant the seeds for a more productive staff. You can recoup at least some of your investment in training by taking advantage of deductions on your taxes.

Many employees find Excel certification worth it if they anticipate having to regularly use the program in their professional lives. Undergoing training to obtain even basic skills can significantly increase their competency on the job, especially if they expect to work with large amounts of data that they need to enter, update, or organize in spreadsheets. Further, many business owners provide incentives to employees who want to enroll in training and certification programs, including possible promotions.


What Does Microsoft Excel Certification Cost?

Those researching Microsoft Excel certification cost information may suffer from some sticker shock if they follow traditional paths to certification. Employees often look into obtaining the basic Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification provided by Microsoft. Certifications can be offered at different skill levels, including Specialist, Expert, and Master, and can cover the whole range of programs bundled in the Office suite, including Excel. While the test itself may only cost around $100, money spent on the goal of achieving certification can easily add up due to:

  • Training courses and classes
  • Practice test materials
  • Books
  • Other supplemental materials and services, such as tutoring
  • Potential retakes of tests

Third-party vendors of certifications do exist, but a fair number of employees decide that pursuing the MOS certification is more beneficial to their careers. The reason is simple: Employers tend to have an easier time verifying credentials provided by Microsoft.

Employees who find themselves wanting to pay for courses out of pocket may wonder about the feasibility of expenses related to Excel certification. Cost factors for Excel training can be offset in the long term, especially when considering that many employees enjoy a significant pay increase after learning how to use this software. In addition to developing expertise, employees may find Excel certification worth it simply because the skill is transferable between jobs: Occupational horizons may instantly widen for employees considering a change of position.

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