What Is SAS Training and Certification, and Why Do You Need It?

Posted on 08/01/2019 by Niko Venev

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If you're in the information technology industry, you've likely heard of SAS software. It's a suite of tools that many companies use to gather and analyze data related to their businesses. SAS certifications can bestow employees with specific skills that can help businesses make sense of the data constantly flowing in and out of their establishments. Though earning these credentials can be challenging, enrolling in SAS training online can put you on the path toward passing certification exams with flying colors.



How Do You Become a SAS Programmer?

Some of the most popular SAS certifications are related to programming. A SAS programmer can, among other duties, manipulate data to gain insight into productivity levels or create projections for a company. To become a SAS programmer, individuals generally:

  • Earn a bachelor’s degree in computer programming or statistics
  • Enroll in SAS classes to study for and pass the SAS programming certification exam relevant to their career path
  • Apply the certification to a particular job
  • Obtain a master’s degree in computer science

While the specific order of these steps can vary among individuals, earning advanced credentials, seeking higher education, and gaining hands-on experience are near-universal components of a successful career.

On their way to earning a basic or advanced SAS programming credential, individuals usually enroll in SAS training. Online courses taught by a knowledgeable live instructor are convenient learning environments that can provide employees with the training that they need to pass their certification exams.


Which Is the Best SAS Certification?

The best certification to choose will depend on your field, your current position, and the type of job that you ultimately want to obtain. SAS credentials are organized by subject and umbrella topic, including:

  • Foundation tools
  • Advanced analytics
  • BI and analytics
  • Data management
  • Administration
  • JMP

Most people start their SAS programming careers by earning credentials that fall under “foundation tools,” such as the Base Programming certification. These SAS certifications can act as building blocks to obtain more advanced credentials.


How Long Does it Take to Learn SAS?

Generally, it can take months to learn basic SAS concepts, with advanced concepts taking even longer to master. Since learning how to work with SAS requires regular access to this expensive software and a commitment to scheduling hands-on practice, some individuals may find that they need up to a year to make significant headway. But at Certstaffix Training, our SAS certification training classes can help you prepare for your exam in a matter of days.


Do SAS Certifications Expire?

Today’s SAS certifications do not expire. In the past, some of these credentials were only valid for three years, but these were non-versioned certifications and are no longer issued. If you take SAS classes and earn your certification today, it won’t have an expiration date. Simply find the appropriate SAS training online, enroll in the class, and earn your certification and you won’t have to worry about your credential ever becoming invalid.


Can You Learn SAS on Your Own?

While technically not impossible, understanding SAS on your own can be difficult. SAS concepts can be complex, and learning the software’s intricacies requires hands-on experience; however, few people are likely to have access to a copy of this platform outside of the office on which they can practice. It’s also helpful to have an expert on hand to clarify confusing concepts and answer questions, which you won’t have when you go it alone.

However, there is a better way to learn SAS: Online course options from Certstaffix Training allow you to study and master this material in a way that suits you best. Study at home or anywhere else with a live SAS programming online course, or choose the self-paced e-learning option. You can also go to a nearby computer lab to study with others; we have locations all over the U.S. With Certstaffix Training, you can earn your SAS certification quickly and easily with the help of expert instructors. Sign up today and you can move one step closer to success.


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