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Office 2016 eLearning Bundle

$900 (USD)   •    This eLearning Bundle includes 13 Microsoft Office 2016 courses. A comprehensive coverage of all Microsoft Office 2016 applications in an easy to follow video training format.

Office 2019 eLearning Bundle

$900 (USD)   •    This eLearning bundle includes thirteen Microsoft Office 2019 courses for: Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access.

Online Collaboration Tools eLearning Bundle

$150 (USD)   •    This eLearning bundle consists of these 5 courses: Google Documents - Sharing & Collaborating Training, Microsoft Teams Essentials, Office 365 Collaborate and Share, Slack: A Complete Guide, Beginner and Mastering Microsoft Teams (2019).

Oracle Database Administration

$2,850 (USD)   •    This 5-day Oracle DBA training course will provide you with a solid understanding of restricting and sorting data, walks you through using conversion functions and conditional expressions, and addresses displaying data from multiple tables, manipulating data, database maintenances, and database backups and recovery.

Oracle eLearning Bundle

$750 (USD)   •    This eLearning Bundle includes these two courses: Oracle 12c OCP 1Z0-061: SQL Fundamentals and Oracle 12c OCP 1Z0-062: Installation and Administration.

Oracle SQL & PL/SQL

$2,850 (USD)   •    This 5-day course teaches how to access Oracle databases through SQL statements and construct PL/SQL programs. Oracle Database SQL offers complete coverage of the latest database features and techniques.

Outlook - Level 1

$275 (USD) • 1 Day • Learn the basic features of Microsoft Outlook and get more done quickly. Learn about: Outlook Basic, Outlook Modules, Sending/Receiving Email, Contacts, Calendaring, Tasks and Customizing the Interface

Outlook - Level 2

$275 (USD) • 1 Day • Learn the advanced features of Microsoft Outlook and get more done quickly. Learn about: Enhancing Message Content, Email Security, Organizing Your Inbox, Managing Contacts, Managing Calendars, Outlook Option Customization, and Managing Email Automatically.

Outlook 2013 eLearning Bundle

$250 (USD)   •    This eLearning Bundle includes these 2 courses: Microsoft Outlook 2013: Getting Started (Level 1) and Microsoft Outlook 2013: Intermediate (Level 2).

Outlook 2016 eLearning Bundle

$250 (USD)   •    This eLearning Bundle includes two Microsoft Outlook 2016 courses - Outlook 2016 - Part 1 (Foundations) and Outlook 2016 - Part 2 (Advanced).

Outlook 2016: Part 1 (eLearning)

$125 (USD)   •    Discover the essential email, calendar, and contact management functions of Microsoft Outlook 2016 that allow you to work more efficiently with this beginner-level training course.

Outlook 2016: Part 2 (eLearning)

$125 (USD)   •    Boost your productivity when working with Microsoft Outlook 2016 by using the advanced features and options outlined in this user-friendly training course, which builds on your foundational Outlook skills.

Outlook 2019 eLearning Bundle

$250 (USD)   •    This eLearning bundle includes two Microsoft Outlook 2019 courses: Outlook 2019: Beginner and Outlook 2019: Advanced.

Outlook 2019: Part 1 - Beginner (eLearning)

$125 (USD)   •    This course is designed to teach students the basics of Microsoft Outlook 2019 and help them gain familiarity with the Outlook environment and basic functionality.

Outlook 2019: Part 2 - Advanced (eLearning)

$125 (USD)   •    In this course, students will expand upon their existing knowledge and learn and use advanced features of Microsoft Outlook 2019.

Paid Search (PPC) eLearning Bundle

$350 (USD)   •    This eLearning bundle consists of these three courses: Online Marketing 101, Pay Per Click (PPC) Foundations and Paid Search (PPC).

Perl Programming

$1,740 (USD)   •    If you're just getting started with Perl, this is the course you want—whether you're a programmer, system administrator, or web hacker. Perl is suitable for almost any task on almost any platform, from short fixes to complete web applications. Perl teaches you the basics and shows you how to write programs up to 128 lines long—roughly the size of 90% of the Perl programs in use today.

Perl Programming eLearning Bundle

$250 (USD)   •    With the long-awaited upgrade to the popular scripting language Perl finally here, there's no better time than the present to dive in and learn. Join CISSP-certified trainer Chris Penick as he explains how Perl's human-friendly linguistic approach makes it an easy language for novice coders to learn.

PHP Programming eLearning Bundle

$250 (USD)   •    This elearning bundle includes these 2 courses: PHP Basics Training and Object Oriented PHP and MVC.

PHP Programming with MySQL

$2,850 (USD)   •    PHP and MySQL (or its fork, MariaDB) are two of today’s most popular, open-source tools for server-side web programming. And with this course, you’ll learn right from the start how to use them together, the way the pros do.

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