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Executive Skills: Focus, Prioritize and Take Control of Your Life eLearning Bundle

$150 (USD) •   13 courses • This course series will help you identify your executive skill strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to improve your overall job performance and satisfaction.

Facebook Advertising

$450 (USD) • 1 Day • This course walks you through Facebook Advertising and its nuances to help you pinpoint your ideal audience and gain a ten-fold return on your investment.

FileMaker Pro Basic

$890 (USD) • 2 Days • This course focuses on the features and benefits of the FileMaker Platform with special attention to the newest version, FileMaker Pro Advanced 18. You will learn how to build a sample FileMaker solution from start to finish.

Free eLearning Demo Class - Navigate Microsoft 365 and Work with Office for the Web

Free eLearning Demo Course   •    Using Microsoft 365 will boost your productivity as a corporate user and as an individual. In this training you will learn how to seamlessly integrate Microsoft 365 into your workflow...

Fundamentals of UNIX

Private Group Training • 4 Days • In this course, students will learn about the full range of UNIX user commands and utilities and how to develop shell scripts and advance their vi editing skills.

Generative AI & ChatGPT eLearning Bundle

$600 (USD) •   16 Courses • This eLearning bundle includes courses covering topics on Artificial Intelligence (AI) - including Generative AI, Chat GPT, Prompting and more.

Google Ads

$1,410 (USD) • 3 Days • In this course, you will implement Google Ads and create ad campaigns to target specific audiences with advanced Google Ads features. You will then analyze and optimize campaign performance.

Google Analytics 4

$890 (USD) • 2 Days • This course is updated to the latest version of Google Analytics - Version 4. This course will introduce students to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), which is replacing Google Universal Analytics 3 on July 1, 2023. All data processing and access to past data in Google Universal Analytics 3 will shut off on this date, making the transition to Google Analytics 4 vital to maintaining continuous website analytics and monitoring. In this course, learn how to: Understand the differences...

Google Analytics 4 eLearning Bundle

$475 (USD) •   5 Courses • You’ll learn how to set up GA4 to provide comprehensive and actionable insights—and discover tips and tricks that will help you articulate your goals, increase conversions, and use your digital products to improve your business.

Google Classroom (eLearning)

$225 (USD) • 5 Courses • This eLearning Class includes a Google Classroom course: Google Classroom.

Google Docs eLearning Bundle

$225 (USD) • 6 Courses • This eLearning Bundle includes these Google Docs courses: Google Docs: Beginner and Google Docs: Advanced.

Google Sheets eLearning Bundle

$225 (USD) • 6 Courses • This eLearning Bundle includes these Google Sheets courses: Google Sheets: Beginner and Google Sheets: Advanced.

Google Slides (eLearning)

$225 (USD) • 5 Courses • This eLearning class includes this Google Slides course: Creating Presentations with Google Slides.

Google Workspace

$550 (USD) • 2 Days • The goal of this class is to help familiarize you with the most commonly used Google Apps for home and small business users. These apps are free to use and all integrate with each other making it easy to access all of your information without needing multiple accounts.

Google Workspace eLearning Bundle

$550 (USD) • 11 Courses • This eLearning Bundle includes these Google Workspace courses: Google Docs: Beginner, Google Docs: Advanced, Google Sheets: Beginner, Google Sheets: Advanced, Creating Presentations with Google Slides, Google Drive & Google Classroom

Health & Wellbeing eLearning Bundle

$200 (USD) •   9 Courses • This eLearning bundle includes these courses: Deskercises: 04. Legs and Backside While Sitting, Be Active, Mental Health - Depression & Low Mood, Practical Wellbeing and Healthy Practices: Nutrition, Exercise, and Safety.

HTML5 & Cascading Style Sheets 3

$1,790 (USD) • 4 Days • This hands-on course that teaches you HTML5 and CSS3 from scratch, showing you how you can't use one without the other nowadays. Learn how to enhance a site with audio and video clips, forms with HTML5 data validation, or CSS3 transitions and animations.

Implementing Machine Learning - eLearning Bundle

$550 (USD) •   8 Courses •   This eLearning bundle consists includes these courses: Deploying Machine Learning Models with Flask for Beginners, Machine Learning in the Cloud With Azure Machine Learning, Machine Learning Projects with TensorFlow 2.0 & Projects in Machine Learning: From Beginner to Professional

Increase, Update, and Maintain a Competent Workforce - eLearning Bundle

$1,500 (USD) •   49 Video Lectures • Increase, Update, and Maintain a Competent Workforce - eLearning Bundle consists of Video Lectures grouped in 7 topics.

Instagram For Business

$450 (USD) • 1 Day • Sell more with Instagram. Are you ready to tap into Instagram’s booming network of 600 million viable customers? This course gives you the tools you need to get your due return on investment out of Instagram.

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