Office 365 - New Features and Overview eLearning Bundle Course

Course Details:

Length: 4 courses

Access Length: 6 months

Price: $250/person (USD)

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Course Features:

Instant Access After Purchase

Lecture by Recorded Video

Stop and Start as Needed

Certificate of Completion

Software Lab Included?: Yes

Delivery Method:

Self-Paced Online

Individuals and Groups
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Course Overview

This eLearning bundle includes four Microsoft 365 courses:

  • Microsoft 365: Overview
  • Microsoft 365: New Features
  • Microsoft 365: Core Applications
  • Collaborating in Microsoft 365

How it Works

This course is a self-paced learning solution to fit your own schedule. Certstaffix Training eLearning courses you take on your own schedule in a web browser.

  • Learn at your own pace - Start and stop as it is convenient for you. Pick up where you left off.
  • Lecture utilizing video and recorded screen shots
  • 6 month subscription length
  • Instant Access After Purchase

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Course Topics

Microsoft 365: Overview - 26 min

Get more from your Microsoft Office 365 subscription. This training course familiarizes you with the productivity suite's user environment, valuable features, and core applications. To begin, we’ll provide an overview of this Cloud-based iteration of Microsoft Office and get you started with signing in and changing your password. Next, we will tour the interface and show you how to access your applications from the App Launcher. You’ll also learn how to add personal touches to the Office 365 environment and install Office applications on a mobile device for easy access anywhere. This course features clear, engaging instruction from a Microsoft Office expert, along with other helpful learning aids.

  • Navigate the Microsoft 365 user interface with confidence
  • Get started with your subscription by logging in and creating a secure password
  • Access your applications with ease from the App Launcher
  • Personalize the Microsoft 365 environment to suit your preferences
  • Install Microsoft applications on your mobile devices


Microsoft 365: New Features - 2 hrs 14 min

This course is designed to introduce students to the new features of Microsoft 365. Students will review the common changes across the suite of products such as co-authoring, icons, Microsoft translator, inking tools, new chart types, and the accessibility checker. Students will review the individual feature enhancements in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. This course has an assessment which may be required for a certificate to be generated.

  • Review the common changes across the suite of products
  • Co-authoring, icons, Microsoft translator, inking tools, new chart types, and the accessibility checker
  • Review the individual feature enhancements in Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access


Microsoft 365: Core Applications - 52 min

This course shows you how to work with Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint in Office 365, and highlights the key differences in using these application online. You’ll begin by learning the basics of opening, saving, and editing files in Office 365. The course then reviews what’s different in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Online compared to the standard application. You’ll learn how to view and add comments, and gain tips on printing and sharing your files. By the end of the course, you’ll also know how to utilize the highly powerful co-authoring feature which enables multiple users to edit documents simultaneously and view those changes in real-time.

  • Open and save files in Microsoft Online and work with comments
  • Identify differences between Office Online and standard applications of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
  • Collaborate with others by sharing your work and enabling co-authoring


Collaborating in Microsoft 365 - 1 hr 12 min

Create, share, solicit feedback and collaborate on projects with other individuals by using the many interactive features available in Office 365. You will learn how to share your work with others, set up conversations and share files. You'll also learn how to download the Office 365 apps to your smartphone or tablet for uninterrupted access to files, as well as how to hold virtual meetings through Skype and OneNote.

This introductory course takes you through the main features of Office 365 collaboration and shows you how you can access and apply them to any project.

  • Work collaboratively with others by soliciting feedback through Microsoft 365
  • Quickly find people and documents by using Delve
  • Work remotely by downloading Microsoft 365 apps to your smartphone or tablet
  • Conduct virtual meetings using Skype and OneNote
  • Work with Yammer to easily set up conversations and share files


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