Computer Related Injuries

Posted on 05/13/2018 by Jonathan O'Brien

With our increasing amount of reliance and usage, on computers and technology, have come additional problems. With our youth, using video games for prolonged periods of time has brought about problems with adolescent obesity. Even in adults, using computers for prolonged periods of time can lead to a variety of problems. In recent years, computer usage has let to a number of computer related injuries, which can provide pain while using computers.

Prolonged computer usage has been found to result in pain in the neck, shoulder, back, arm and hand. The pain can range from minor annoyance to pain prohibiting further usage of computers. However, there are many things that individuals and businesses can do to prevent computer related injuries. Ranging from improved ergonomics in sitting and using computers, to regular breaks to get away from their computers, people can alleviate or eliminate computer strain

To help learn more about the physical dangers of computer related injuries, we have assembled a number of useful resources. Please feel free to read through this information and learn about ways to prevent and treat computer injuries.

Computer Related Injury Definition

  • Computer Related Injuries - A basic definition of what computer related injuries are along with how they occur.
  • Ergonomic Definitions - Listing of several terms used in ergonomics and the study of computer related injuries.
  • Repetitive Stress Injuries - Informative page aimed at children and parents on the dangers of repetitive strain and stress injuries in using computers.

Types of Computer Related Injuries

  • Strain Injuries on the Rise - Informative article explaining why computer strain injuries are increasing especially with young people.
  • Computer Injuries - Helpful site explaining about the problems of computer injuries and how they are increasing.
  • RSI Page - Information on a variety of subjects pertaining to repetitive strain injuries among computer users.
  • Repetitive Strain Injuries - Well written article about causes, treatment and prevention of RSI.
  • Typing Injury FAQ - Helpful page with information on the problems of typing and computer injuries.

Posture Injuries

  • Computer Work Postures - Useful article on the problems of computer usage and bad posture leading to injuries.
  • How to Sit at a Computer - Informative page with information on good posture to use while sitting at a computer.
  • Internet Safety - Helpful resource with a great deal of information on Internet safety as well as good posture to use at a computer.
  • Computer Posture - Information on proper posture and the problems that can result from improper posture at a computer.

Computer and Eye Strain

  • Avoiding Computer Eye Strain - Suggestions on what can be done to avoid eye strain while using a computer.
  • Eye Strain - Definition of what is eye strain and how people can be affected by computer eye strain and other eye problems.
  • How to Ease Computer Eye Strain - Helpful information from CBS News with a report on how you can ease the problems associated with computer eye strain.

Muscle and Joint Injuries

Prevention Suggestions

We hope that this article helps in learning more about computer related injuries and how to prevent being a victim.


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